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Can the beauty win over the heart of the beast? Bela Andrews is the three Ts – too tempting, too innocent, and way too damn young. Which makes Cherry Falls’ newest member forbidden to a man with a dark, gritty past like mine. I’ve had a hot case of lust for Bela from the second she arrived in my small town, but she’s everything I’m not and I fear if I get too close my darkness will steal her light. And her dreams. So, I’ll stay away. Watch from a distance for as long as I can. As a Cherry Falls Fire Chief, I’m paid to stay in control and protect the people around me. Until Bela I’ve never had an issue. But her beauty and inner light is as soul-gripping as our small town and I fantasize about her sweet body round with my baby and her wearing my ring. When she starts using words like forever and family I falter. And that concrete control I’m known for cracks wide open. I started out with good intentions, but now that I’ve had a taste of those forbidden lips and those tempting curves, there will be no going back. I’m addicted and I’m going to devour her one lick at a time.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for some, but not for me.
The holidays could be lonely. Only this year, I had options. Two.
Ben and Jonas both wanted to spend time with me. I wanted to spend time with both of them.
So, I set up a holiday adventure in a mountain cabin. We’d be alone, away from civilization, which worked out perfectly since I had no desire to keep it civil. I wanted to be naughty with my naughty boys.
By Sunday morning, I knew that wasn’t going to work. I wasn’t tired of them. I hadn’t had my fill. And my naughty boys hadn’t either. Merry Christmas to me. Maybe if I could convince them, we could find a happily ever after together, as long as the past doesn’t get in our way.

A Relic To Kill For And A Life To Protect As A Mate. One problem leads to another when I join the archaeological excavation of Ta Prohm. A unique relic I find ends up getting my team murdered. And now, I’m on the run for my life, at the same time trying to keep that relic out of the wrong hands. Help comes in the strangest shape possible. Two dragon shifters offer me their protection. Being ex-military, I know I would be safe around them. Their condition? For me to become their mate in a menage. I feel trapped. I have no other way out other than to agree. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t hesitate to be in their arms. But, can I really trust them in the midst of all this danger?

How far will she go to save her father’s life?
When beautiful graphic designer Diana Wayans learns that Italian crime lord Milan Vitale wants her estranged father dead, she heads off to Miami to find out why. With her ex-lover, Detective Eric Sachs she devises a plot to get close to the Vitale organization.
Diana finds herself attracted to the charming Milan and falls deep into his web of seduction while Milan is equally drawn to Diana and vows to win her trust and her heart.
While fighting lingering feelings for Eric and desire for the most dangerous man she’s ever known, Diana risks her safety to save her father’s life but will she end up losing her own?

Come one. Come all.
Still reeling from the death of her grandmother and adjusting to her inheritance: the powers of the Swamp Witch, Teagan already has enough on her plate. Add in one demi-demon biker ex, one teenaged witch with more powers than brains, and maybe-dating the most dangerous guy she’s ever met (and considering her ex, that’s saying something!) — Teagan has more than enough going on.
Then the carnival comes to town.
Teagan is left to defend the residents of Firewater Springs against a literal freakshow full of paranormal beings, and a demon ringmaster who wields a power that, in the middle of battle, could turn her allies against her.
Unless Teagan manages to do it first, all by herself.

Ethan Lockwood hates what he’s become—a slave to a parasitic monster whose victims’ names pepper the obituaries. He’s possessed by The Beast, a dragon who feeds off human spiritual energy. After a year of fighting The Beast’s demands, Ethan is losing the battle. The creature is taking over his mind, body, and soul. When he spies Tess, he can relate to her weary look and the sadness in her eyes, but her aura shines like a beacon, attracting The Beast. Ethan is forced to drain her energy, but for a split second, she subdues the creature inside him, compelling the spirit to slumber. How? Can she somehow free him from The Beast? Ethan chases after her. He can’t afford to let Tess die. Since her fiancé’s death, Tess Edwards struggles to find new meaning in life. She doesn’t expect that new meaning to involve a sexy photographer who says he’s possessed by an energy-stealing beast. He claims she’s in danger and that he’s the only one who can save her. Great. He’s a nut job—cute, but delusional. She doesn’t believe in dragon spirits and magic, not until she finds her grandmother’s Book of Shadows. She’s descended from witches, and the book warns her of her fate. Although the beast inside Ethan needs her alive, he isn’t the only one of his kind. There’s another, and he wants Tess dead. 

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