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I only had one option: Run away from my wedding. But what I did next was quite unexpected. I fell in love with trouble.
My secrets were all piled up when I met Zach.
A changed identity, a new name, but the same soft heart.
Zach was my new boss, but I couldn’t say no to his demands.
He took me by storm and by surprise.
I saw a submissive side of me that I didn’t know existed.
And then it happened…
The thing that I was most afraid of.
My family tracked me down.
I knew drama would follow and secrets would be revealed.
But never in a million years did I think that I’d feel this stupid.
Zach is not who he said he was.
Another betrayal… Well, big surprise!
Good thing I know how to start over.
But do I really want to run away this time around?

Heartbroken and betrayed, Ava isn’t looking for love, but fate and Mack – her super sexy, super sweet, dance partner – have other ideas.
When she finds her fiancé cheating on their wedding day, Ava can’t imagine ever being happy again.
When a dream job opportunity lands in her lap, it’s exactly the distraction she needs. She’s working on board a cruise ship, and the holiday atmosphere, combined with the freedom and friendships, change everything.
And then there’s Mack. He’s ticks every box on her ‘dream man’ list and he’s interested in her.
But can she trust again? Be vulnerable again? Learn to love again?

With the arrival of new neighbours to the usually peaceful cul-de-sac, Rumer Hounds chance of living the quiet life comes crashing to a halt.
Samuel Brook might be easy on the eye, but with his bad attitude and foul mouth he’s the last person you’d want to help when in a jam.
But when you’ve never been one to walk away from a person in need, what’s a girl to do?
First impressions can give you the sense of someone’s persona. In this case, nothing could be further from the truth!

Getting abducted is the best thing that ever happened to her! This bundle includes the exotic stories of how Keri leaves Earth and cuts her way through the universe using her body and sexuality to bend aliens and humans to her will! Keri is so sick of (Earth) men. She’s in her late thirties and still doesn’t think she’s ever been in an adult relationship. When her useless, younger boyfriend asks for money for a guitar during an intimate moment, she thinks she’s hit rock bottom. She wishes she could run away, but there’s nowhere to go. Then a light appears above her. Some people would call it an abduction, but Keri would say that she was rescued! The aliens give her a choice. She can return to Earth with her memories erased or come with them and become a sex bomb to millions of aliens! She thinks of the guitar boy, and her choice is made! Over the course of her erotic and explicit adventures she becomes a spy, a diplomat, a giant, and so much more! She discovers how much she loves herself and her body. Her ability to manipulate aliens of all shapes and sizes with her sexuality is what she was born for! This bundle includes all five erotic stories in the Space Syren Keri series and includes erotic and explicit sci fi action! 

My best friend from elementary school just came to my rescue… after I found out that I got accidentally pregnant.
Lucas isn’t the father, but he sure as hell acts like my boyfriend.
He’s trying to fix things for me.
His brilliant suggestion?
We get married so my mother doesn’t find out how irresponsible I’ve been.
I never thought that the idea of marrying him would give me butterflies.
It sounds like a real dream coming true.
Except that it’s not.
It’s a terrible idea.
Lucas and I come from worlds that couldn’t be more different.
My mother hates his guts.
I can’t say that I blame her… but I’m still caught in the middle.
And my secret pregnancy will reveal itself at some point.
I don’t want to lose the support of my family… and I also don’t want to lose Lucas.
Except that I know I will… 

The Devil Riders think they can move in on our territory.
Over my dead body.
As President of the Rebel Saints, it’s my duty to protect my men and this town.
That’s just what I intend to do…by any means necessary.
The last thing I need is a complication like Harper.
Sexy as sin.
Trying to deny the attraction between us is futile.
And when she becomes inextricably entwined with defeating our new enemy, all bets are off.
Together, Harper and I are combustible, but so is building tension with our rivals.
Things are reaching a boiling point and ready to explode.
Not everyone can survive the fallout.

Her Wolf: Allegra Hale had no idea shifters existed when she headed off to college with her two best friends. Let alone that her campus was near a shifter town. But that all changed when she got into a crash and was rescued by Zeke Blakesley—the wolf shifter who insisted they belonged together. Zeke knew Allegra was his fated mate the moment he caught her scent. Now that he has found the woman who was born to be his, he’ll never let her go.
Her Alpha: When Larissa Nash went looking for her best friend, she never expected to find her in a town full of shifters. She didn’t even know they existed until Kace Lowell clued her in on the secret by shifting into his wolf. Mating a human was complicated for the alpha of the pack, but Kace was more than ready to take on anyone who dared to challenge Larissa’s place in his life.
Her Tiger: Calliope Taft has wanted a hunky shifter of her own ever since her best friends let her in on the secret of their existence. Just when she started to give up hope, a sexy tiger shifter claimed her as his own. Tane Ruslan hadn’t expected to find his fated mate right across the street when he returned home to Timber Ridge. Now that Calliope was where she belonged—with him—Tane intended to make all her dreams come true…and keep her safe from the bad guys who came looking for her.

A record-breaking blizzard is on the way to Winter Falls…and close quarters sometimes make for strange bedfellows.
Spend this holiday season with nine of your favorite romance authors as they introduce you to a ski town where love is in the air. This collection includes all new stories that are hot enough to melt all the snow headed for Winter Falls.
**Final Blurb Coming Soon**

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