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Professional boxer Ray “The Wrecker” Wilson is used to winning, both in and out of the ring. When injury forces him to retire, he returns to his hometown of Sunset Cove to buy the former infamous hotspot, The Kraken Bar & Grill. Ray gets more than he bargained for when he runs into the one girl who was always off-limits, his best friend’s sister, Alyssa. After divorcing her abusive husband whose family runs the town, real-estate agent Alyssa Higgins is finally getting her life back together and staying low-key. Then Ray walks into Sunset Cove Reality with reporters following, throwing her into the limelight. Now, Alyssa’s fight to avoid watching eyes and resist the legendary heartthrob is a daily battle, one she’s slowly losing. When Ray hires Alyssa to help him market the Kraken Bar & Grill and navigate the town’s politics, the two grow closer. They struggle to resist the passion between them while overcoming the shared grief from a past tragedy. An unexpected opportunity arises for Ray to hop back into the ring, changing everything. Will they fight for it, or is their love down for the count? 

Peppa Leander was a rising star in the Chicago restaurant scene, but she was tired of kitchen politics. And working with too many humans. The offer to become the head chef for a new restaurant in Timber Ridge came at the perfect time.

Cason Kemp assumed he’d remain mateless for the rest of his life. Feeling at odds with his wolf, he was giving serious thought to joining a smaller pack who lived a more primitive lifestyle out in the wilderness. But all that changed when he caught Peppa’s scent and realized she was his mate.

My best friend from elementary school just came to my rescue… after I found out that I got accidentally pregnant.

Lucas isn’t the father, but he sure as hell acts like my boyfriend. He’s trying to fix things for me. His brilliant suggestion? We get married so my mother doesn’t find out how irresponsible I’ve been. I never thought that the idea of marrying him would give me butterflies. It sounds like a real dream coming true. Except that it’s not. It’s a terrible idea. Lucas and I come from worlds that couldn’t be more different. My mother hates his guts. I can’t say that I blame her… but I’m still caught in the middle. And my secret pregnancy will reveal itself at some point. I don’t want to lose the support of my family… and I also don’t want to lose Lucas.

Except that I know I will… 

Conner thinks it’s all in good fun. Playful banter. He thinks all his flirting and sexual innuendos are harmless…And that’s exactly what I want him to think. He can never know how much each smirk or touch twists me up inside. He’s been my best friend since we were kids. I could never jeopardize our friendship over some stupid childhood crush-even if that childhood crush has bloomed into something so much sexier as we’ve gotten older. Regardless, I can’t do it. I need to maintain our friendship and my heart unbroken above all else. Conner Smoak has more notches in his bedpost than I care to count and I can’t bear the thought of ending up as one of them. Not after everything we’ve been through together. 

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