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Rent-a-Date for the Desperate? Fine. Sign me up. What do you do when you’re a geeky grad student who needs a date for her parents’ black-tie party? Genius that I am, I figure renting a boyfriend is the perfect solution. No “Oh, poor Annabelle” looks from my family if I show up dateless. No bringing a guy friend and wondering if he’ll embarrass me by hitting on one of my gorgeous sisters. I look good for the evening with a beautiful man on my arm. Archer gets paid. It’s the perfect plan… At least, it was until my mother invited us both on vacation. Now we’re sharing a room. And a bed. And this fake relationship is starting to feel pretty darn real. But guys like Archer don’t fall for girls like me. My gut tells me this is all a little too good to be true. Am I smart enough not to fall for him? Or will my heart and my hormones ruin everything?

One willful sub. One strict Dom. A series you’ll never forget. I am not a submissive. Nuh uh, no way. That lifestyle was never for me. Until him. Sir Clayton Schultz, PhD strode into my life unannounced and with the air of arrogance that only a Dom could have. I want him instantly, but Sir has rules to follow. Even for just one night. It was supposed to be a little weekend fling. But when we’re back home, we make it all of a week before I’m back in his bed. He is an addiction I cannot stop. I don’t know how to reconcile my strong, independent side, with my need to submit to this man. When things at work start to go south, and I feel like I’m losing myself, I realize I’ve let my obsession with Sir cloud my judgment. And it has placed me directly in the path of danger. 

Explicitly sexual, sometimes vulgar, and not for the faint of heart. A perfect sexual union is about to be tested by a slew of strange men who will pay to have their deepest and most bizarre fantasies realized. What begins as a faithful woman’s attempt to help pay the bills may end in the tragic dissolution of her marriage. No good deed goes unpunished, especially those involving bondage, fetishes, and engorged flesh. Dragan Bojanic is a paleontologist who is running out of grant money. His wife, Katrina, is a beautiful woman with whom Dragan is madly in love. When she learns of their impending money problems, she has an idea, to begin an interactive on-line sex site. Once she begins, she is surprised at the positive reaction she gets from men eager to play. Dragan has one expedition left before he is out of funds. When he comes home early one day, and discovers his wife exposed to the hungry eyes of a horny patron, he questions everything he believes about his wife and their marriage. A three-week expedition is a long time to think. Is the marriage between Dragan and Katrina strong enough to withstand a jealous man’s feelings of betrayal and a woman’s pain of being accused of infidelity?

An Empty Life
Lost and loveless, Tania has only dreams.
But can dreams become real?
A Viking Time-Travel Romance
Approx 3,300 Words

If only she knew how many times I had watched her.
Obsession. It’s an ugly thing.
It consumes you. Controls you. Dictates your every move.
You can try to fight it, try to resist. But it’s stronger than you. It always wins.
The day I first saw her, obsession took root inside me. Suddenly there was nothing else. Just her.
My obsession left me no choice. I had to have her.
No matter the cost.
No matter the risk.
In the end she will be mine.
Until then…I wait.

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