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Peppa Leander was a rising star in the Chicago restaurant scene, but she was tired of kitchen politics. And working with too many humans. The offer to become the head chef for a new restaurant in Timber Ridge came at the perfect time.

Cason Kemp assumed he’d remain mateless for the rest of his life. Feeling at odds with his wolf, he was giving serious thought to joining a smaller pack who lived a more primitive lifestyle out in the wilderness. But all that changed when he caught Peppa’s scent and realized she was his mate.

Tris couldn’t look away from those indigo eyes. Then, as if a barrier crumbled between them, he had the fierce urge to drape her body with his and skim his mouth over her jaw to her lips… He’d lick the top one, then the bottom before coaxing them open with his tongue… Tris, a Light-blooded warrior on the run, and Zestine, a fearsome cat shifter, come together as spies in this deliciously dark, sinfully sexy tale of war and treachery, love and devotion. Some of Tris’s kind have callously shunned their roots by trading their Light for the Darkness. By order of the king and queen, he and Zestine are to investigate the unprecedented metamorphosis. To the Dark Dimension they venture, straight into the heart of enemy territory. Their facade requires they pose as lovers, and for Tris to trick his Dark kin into believing he’s one of them, the reality of which proves abominable. He must look the other way while others are mistreated, and partake in heinous tasks to keep from raising suspicion. Tempting death becomes a means to survive. By surrounding himself in Darkness, Tris’s Light weakens. Though Zestine’s a top predator and efficient killer, it’s not long before she finds herself powerless (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I’m a merciless killer. A hitman with one last job before I can quit and do what I really want with my life.
It should be simple.
Go to a club, find my mark, and shoot.
But when I get there, things get hard. Pun intended. It’s impossible to ignore the intense, blue eyes gazing at me from the group of women on stage being sold to the highest bidder.
Something primal ignites inside me the longer I stare at her.
She needs me to protect her.
On a snap decision, I place a bid and before I know it I own her.
But she has a secret.
And I won’t stop until I figure out what it is and claim her as mine.
No refunds.

When this Texas bad boy spots beautiful Reese on the dance floor, he instantly falls deep in love. Now, he’s never letting her go.

Wolf Shaw never envisioned settling down. Yet, when he spotted Reese dancing he was instantly mesmerized by the curve of her hips and how her body moved to the music. When she walked over to his bar and ordered a drink, he watched her tongue wrap around the straw and nearly lost control right there. That’s never happened before, and he knows it has everything to do with the gorgeous woman in front of him. He has to have her as his.

Reese has never tangled with a Texas bad boy, but soon she will find out that when a cowboy sets his mind on something he wants, it’s forever.  

Juniper agreed to be the fake bride to the billionaire and joined the mile-high club in the process. Yay her! But can she actually walk down the aisle? Vows are forever, but at what point does fake love become real? Before or after he claimed every inch of her body?

Marshall Blackwood has given her the best O’s of her life, but as soon as they secure both their futures the deal is simple: they go their separate ways.

Her body screams at the thought of losing his work-roughened hands and her treacherous heart is quickly jumping on board.

Can lust turn to love? Or is she tied up in a fake romance that never stood a chance from the start?

He swears she belongs to him, but does a fake bride get a happily-ever-after?

Dawson is the next Veles dragon shifter to find their fated mate.

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