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Finding love through a new book club, a scrap of fallen paper, and telling time in cups of tea. When I move home from college, my friends had scattered. Luckily, I turn a corner to find a new coffee shop, a new book club, and engaging new friends. And through an accidental on-the-spot focus group, a gorgeous older boyfriend. Shane is unbelievably sweet with me, taking charge of every situation and caring for me almost aggressively. The way he touches me sends brand new tremors through every nerve. It’s shocking how much I crave his attention, and every single touch. I’ve never felt so close to anyone before. Those arms, thick from years of metalwork, make me feel so safe. But he doesn’t really seem like a people person with anyone else. Can I keep my overbearing family from ruining things? My snobby brother Glen has a way of getting in my business, and the huge family affair of his “pre-engagement” party is happening far too soon. I need to keep him and my father away from Shane, or at least make Glen stop calling my boyfriend the “scrapyard guy.” Meanwhile, I’m finishing my new stationery design project and getting the promotion I need to get my own place, while falling in love for the very first time. It will take a lot of tea and several pages in my new proto-type journals to figure this all out.

This couldn’t be true… I couldn’t be in love with another younger woman who is just after my money! Claudia Wilks is my new nanny… and my future heartbreak. My little girl’s mother abandoned us soon after she gave birth. She left a hole inside my heart that I turned into anger. I became a different person, a ruthless businessman. But Claudia brings out the side of me that I’d forgotten about. It’s impossible for me to trust another woman. Especially one who is a decade younger than me. She could be obsessed with my wealth, but my heart says otherwise. History, however, has a habit of repeating itself. I can’t risk having a broken home again, so I’d have to fire Claudia. But what if something stops me? The one thing that would change the course of my life. Will I be able to put my ego aside, let her in, and accept her big secret?

Trinity Ruslan wasn’t a fan of small towns or wolf shifters. And she really didn’t like the pack that lured her little brother away from his family. Timber Ridge was the last place she wanted to visit, but she couldn’t resist the chance to name her newest niece or nephew.

Damon Kemp never expected to find his fated mate. Not with the awful luck the males of his family had. But he got the best shock of his life when he caught Trinity’s scent and realized she was his destiny. Now he just had to show her how great living in a small town with a wolf shifter could be.

Three Wild Stories. One desperate need for intimate relations with truck drivers on the job!

Scalding Hot Stories are right here for the taking in this juicy bundle of truck driver tales. Indulge your fantasies of being taken by a stranger on a long distance road trip. What will you get up to in the cab? How will it feel with men who don’t get to visit with a woman too much?

In these three short stories, you’ll find younger ladies and older men, discovering lust and pleasure in each other’s arms. You won’t be able to put this book down until the very last page has washed over your sizzling skin and left you breathless and spent.

Stories included for your pleasure: The Truck Stop Special, Clean Me Up, & One Hell Of A Ride.

Everything was perfect. Until…well, it’s complicated… All my hard work had finally paid off in a big way. Then life decided to remind me that I wasn’t really in control of anything, no matter what I planned for myself. Losing my grandmother was devastating. Losing my job was just icing on the crappiest cake ever. That’s when I did something wild. I hopped a plane to Ireland with nothing but the clothes on my back and a deep desire for…inspiration. Well, I found it. Or  rather, him. Conor Doherty is handsome, sweet, and oh-so-sexy. I thought I could have a simple vacation fling with him. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that simple isn’t possible with a man like Conor. Too bad he lives a world away from my real life—the life I need to eventually return to. So, what’s a girl to do when she falls for her polar opposite? I’ll let you know when I figure it out…

Daltrey: I can feel myself spiraling out of control. The pressure is getting to me. I’m not so sure that I can handle it. If I leave the band, I hurt them. If I stay, I might not come out the same person. Then I meet Ella. She’s not a fan but she helps me at a time that could’ve turned out badly for me.. I want to be better for her. Want to be better for the band. She’s now my babysitter. The one who’s going to keep me on the straight and narrow. Until I scare her away and I know I’m going to have to fight like hell to get her back.

Ella: A chance encounter at a bar gets Daltrey out of a sticky situation. I’m the only one he’ll listen to and his brother offers me a job for so much money, I can’t turn it down. Keep Daltrey in line and help him get his head on straight. That I can do. Years of practice helps. Even when I see his worst, I can’t seem to walk away.

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