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Finding love through an old car named Doris, a tech conference, and the desire to fit like a puzzle piece. I like my quiet life as a librarian, yet after hearing Claire gush about her new boyfriend, I can’t help but feel a pang of envy. But I’m too busy trying to earn extra money to fix my poor old car to concentrate on that. Then Milo appears, wanting to fix all of my problems. I likely shouldn’t let him, but every time our skin makes contact, I seem to lose my mind for a while. He acts like I’m the only woman in the world for him, even though we’ve just met. Whisking me away to a weekend conference isn’t just so that he can listen to my ideas. It’s a whole lot more. He’s heart-wrenchingly sweet, and the way he cares for me so completely is surprising. Craving his warmth, his touch – it’s a totally new, wild feeling that I would never have expected. Although I feel incredibly close to him, it will take some time to open up. But Milo seems to think that we’re a done deal already. Can I let him know that I need more time without him feeling rejected? And if I cross a line so early on, will he be able to forgive me? I’ll need a chat with the book club girls to figure out what I’m thinking. Perhaps I’d be better off if I stop trying to be clever and just try to… be.

When I got my dream job working for the hottest billionaire in town, I thought my problems were over… But nothing had prepared me for Lachlan Peace… The next thing I know, I was asked to be my new boss’s fake date. Draped in a designer gown, I had to avoid melting under his lingering X-rated gaze. One sultry night, I gave him everything. It didn’t matter that we were complete opposites, or that he had dark secrets he’d do anything to keep. When a scandal unfolds involving a dangerously ambitious woman with very sharp claws, I’m faced with an impossible choice: get out in one piece, or indulge in another delicious taste of Lachlan Peace.

Lachlan: With my father in the hospital dying, it’s now up to me to run his empire. As a former party animal and playboy, love is the last thing on my mind. But then… I didn’t count on Miranda Flowers, my new assistant. I can’t take my eyes off her.  With her mouthwatering curves and smart mouth, she sets my pulse racing like no other woman I’ve ever met. More than that, I trust her. And after one taste, I burn for her. But when I’m caught up in a complex game of my father’s creation, Miranda becomes the pawn. If I don’t play their dirty game, I could lose everything. If I do, I’ll lose the one woman I could love.

Trent: I never expected to see her again. I certainly never thought my record label would hire her to be my band’s social media manager. But now, here we are, on a tour that could make or break my career—me with a massively dark secret that could ruin everything, and her with enough emotional baggage to fill a stadium. I should leave her alone. Too bad I’ve never been good at doing what I should

Cordelia: I’ve worked too hard, come too far, overcome too much, to get screwed over by something as frivolous and fleeting as love. So, I absolutely will not be giving in to my attraction to Trent. Well, not again, anyway. That anonymous one-night stand is all he’ll get out of me. My heart can never be part of the deal. No matter how much he makes me wish things could be different for us…

Calliope Taft has wanted a hunky shifter of her own ever since her best friends let her in on the secret of their existence. Just when she started to give up hope, a sexy tiger shifter claimed her as his own.

Tane Ruslan hadn’t expected to find his fated mate right across the street when he returned home to Timber Ridge. Now that Calliope was where she belonged—with him—Tane intended to make all her dreams come true…and keep her safe from the bad guys who came looking for her.

When two worlds collide, is love the only outcome?

Axl: For three months my band, Flaming Fixation, has been on tour, and for three months and one day I’ve been fixated on Sophie Sommers. Now I’m staying in every night, dreaming up ways to get with her. She doesn’t even acknowledge my existence, so how has she got my blood pumping so hot?

Sophie: My family reputation is less than stellar. In fact, it has impacted my plans to open my own beauty school. So I’ve taken a job on tour with the hottest rock band in the world. They’re hot on the radio charts, but they’re even hotter in person. Especially Axl Hendrix, and no matter how much I ignore him, he sneaks into my dreams at night.

This bossy rancher is about to be brought to his knees by an innocent beauty.

Alexandra Cooper is desperate to get away from home. A four-month gig as a cook at the Circle B Ranch is exactly what she needs. Except when she gets there, it feels like she jumped out of the pan and straight into the fire.

Alexandra is nothing like Colton Booth expected when he hired her. If he’d realized “Alex” was a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl, he never would have given her the job in the first place. But now that he has her on his ranch, he doesn’t plan to ever let Alexandra go.

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