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The boy next door is about to rock her world… again!

Robbie: I fell in love with Cassie Belmont when we were five years old. She was my first and I always thought she’d be my last. Then fate stepped in and ripped her away. Now she’s back and I’m not going to let her go until I figure out what drove her away in the first place.

Cassie: The only way to claim my big city future is by cutting ties with my small-town past. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself until I get caught between a rock of regret and the hard planes of Robbie Jordan’s chest. I only need to survive until he fixes up my grandparents’ house and I can cash out. But he’s got a truck full of tools and has always known exactly how to use them. Not to mention the things that man can do with a hammer…

Trent: I never expected to see her again. I certainly never thought my record label would hire her to be my band’s social media manager. But now, here we are, on a tour that could make or break my career—me with a massively dark secret that could ruin everything, and her with enough emotional baggage to fill a stadium. I should leave her alone. Too bad I’ve never been good at doing what I should…

Cordelia: I’ve worked too hard, come too far, overcome too much, to get screwed over by something as frivolous and fleeting as love. So, I absolutely will not be giving in to my attraction to Trent. Well, not again, anyway. That anonymous one-night stand is all he’ll get out of me. My heart can never be part of the deal. No matter how much he makes me wish things could be different for us…

Good cuckolds deserve a treat, don’t you agree? Sometimes it isn’t enough for a husband just to watch. Sometimes they need to help cleanup afterwards too. If you know what I mean. 😉 Inside this bundle are fifteen stories of cuckold couples with extra sexy wives and bulls, and extra thirsty and helpful husbands! The cuckolds will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone has the best experience they can. These stories are guaranteed to entertain and titillate you. They’ll lead you to dream of hot situations you never imagined but may one day want to experience! Contains: Cuckolding, sexy adventures, and hard-core silliness. 

Calliope Taft has wanted a hunky shifter of her own ever since her best friends let her in on the secret of their existence. Just when she started to give up hope, a sexy tiger shifter claimed her as his own.

Tane Ruslan hadn’t expected to find his fated mate right across the street when he returned home to Timber Ridge. Now that Calliope was where she belonged—with him—Tane intended to make all her dreams come true…and keep her safe from the bad guys who came looking for her.

He’s a Marshall, sworn to protect and uphold the law. She’s the daughter of a violent and dangerous thief. Paige longs for freedom and a life with no pain or fear. U.S. Marshall Nash Houston tempts her with a promising future, but first she has to agree to help him stop her father. Will she steal his heart and run for freedom or choose to trust in the promises he whispers? Paige has been plotting and saving. After each robbery she squirrels away a piece, preparing for a life of freedom. When Paige discovers that her father has promised her to the highest bidder, she knows it’s time to run. The train robbery was supposed to be a chance to escape from the constant pain, but when the guns are turned on a passenger, Paige steps in and changes the path of her life. Nash Houston is a Marshall on a perilous assignment. He’s been hunting a band of robbers turned murderers for six months. It’s the final step before returning home for good. When his mother is almost killed by the very robber’s he’s hunting, Nash makes a deal with the devil’s daughter by offering her freedom. The last thing he expects is to have feelings for a thief. As the manhunt throws them together, their reliance on each other grows. Falling in love is easy but learning to trust seems impossible for the Marshall and the Thief.

Protecting the teenage sister of the one person who could ruin the safeguard of the Young Outlaws MC was never something Colt (Cannon) Gunner had expected to take to church. But when it’s vital to the survival of the club, then Cannon would make sure that it was settled with the crash of the gavel.

The last thing he’d expected was to have a crazy connection with the too young, too pretty, feisty blonde woman that they were tasked to keep safe. The more he tries to deny his craving for her the more he seems to be drawn in.

Being a 1%er may make you an outlaw but committing a crime with her just couldn’t happen.

That would be UNLAWFUL.

Can the beauty win over the heart of the beast?

Bela Andrews is the three Ts—too tempting, too innocent, and way too damn young. Which makes Cherry Falls’ newest member forbidden to a man with a dark, gritty past like mine. I’ve had a hot case of lust for Bela from the second she arrived in my small town, but she’s everything I’m not and I fear if I get too close my darkness will steal her light. And her dreams. So, I’ll stay away. Watch from a distance for as long as I can. As a Cherry Falls Fire Chief, I’m paid to stay in control and protect the people around me. Until Bela I’ve never had an issue. But her beauty and inner light is as soul-gripping as our small town and I fantasize about her sweet body round with my baby and her wearing my ring. When she starts using words like forever and family I falter. And that concrete control I’m known for cracks wide open. I started out with good intentions, but now that I’ve had a taste of those forbidden lips and those tempting curves, there will be no going back. I’m addicted and I’m going to devour her one lick at a time.

Jackson thought he knew what love was and feels like he missed his chance at happiness. He realizes he wasted his chance by chasing after one-night stands instead of going after what he really wanted.

Kaylie knows what loss feels like and doesn’t want to take a chance on love. She puts up walls to keep her heart protected from experiencing that kind of pain again.

What happens when a guy who refuses to lose out again meets a girl who resists him as much as she can? Will Jackson be able to hit the wall Kaylie has put up and knock it down?

In the weeks leading to Christmas, Liam McArvey, lead singer of The Fury, falls for enigmatic Bella, a waitress at his local café. However, little does he know that she is hiding a dangerous secret. After a photograph of the couple, taken outside a London recording studio, surfaces on the internet, Bella panics and prepares to move on.

But Liam enlists his friend, and sometimes sleuth, Stephanie Cooper, to help Bella unravel events in her past. Together, they uncover a crime within a crime, and Bella must decide where her loyalties lie.

She needs the bounty paid by the Solar Prime Alliance. He needs to marry a human to keep his throne. Pity they hate each other’s alien species. Cassidy’s BFF was the first Solar Prime bride. But she got lucky and met her alien soulmate. Cassidy is sure she isn’t going to be so fortunate. The lottery is sending her to Venus, the planet known casually to humans as Helltopia. It was that hot, that full of sulfur, and that intolerable. The only aliens who could possibly live there were ones that could shift in and out of their human-like bodies. But not just any shifter…dragon shifters. Known for their volatile natures, possessiveness, and desire to own their mates, a Venus Lord is the last mate Cassidy wants. Sharve can’t believe his parents are making him do this. Mate with a human. Of all the things he has been asked to do as the heir to the Venus throne, this must be the worst thing ever. He fancied his fated mate would be a hot, strong, sexy Venutian who would rule by his side for hundreds and hundreds of years. Instead, he has been paired up with a weak, soft, human. Sharve wants nothing to do with her. Except he doesn’t have a choice. Well, he does. He was told to mate with her or lose his entitlement to the throne. Like that is any choice. He’s agreed to it and he’ll follow through and mate with this human. But Sharve knows he’s not going to enjoy it. Not one bit. Except…they both might just enjoy it a lot more than they let the other one realize.

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