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Solving a murder is dangerous business. So is falling in love…

Chastity, daughter of the Duke of Daventry, will not stand idly by while her sister is suspected of murder. Since no one wants to help, she’ll take matters into her own hands. The plan? Simple. She’ll disguise herself as a servant and investigate. But when her ruse leads her to the enigmatic Lord Kendall, Chastity soon realizes nothing in her life will ever be simple again…

As much as Valentine would like to ignore the scheming beauty who claims to be a servant, he simply can’t. He needs her. Bringing his footman’s killer to justice would be impossible without her, because the vivacious Chastity can do what he can’t—talk to people and gain their trust. So, he’ll accept the chaos she brings into his life. Accepting her into his heart, however, is another matter entirely…

Fortunately for Chastity and Valentine, intrigue has a way of putting lovers on the path to happily ever after. But first, they’ve got a killer to catch…

He’s a reluctant ranch owner. She’s a traveling nurse in a bind. Do the two of them have what it takes to survive a marriage of convenience and find love? Traveling nurse Kerry Higgins desperately needs a job. After losing everything, and with no living relatives to help, her only choice is to sink or swim. So, when she sees an advertisement for a home nursing position in Northern California, she jumps at the opportunity. Robb Foster never intended to return to the ranch he grew up on. But when his father suffers a debilitating stroke and the family business falls on hard times, he hires a traveling nurse to care for his father so he can focus on saving the ranch. The two butt heads almost immediately. He’s the eldest of six brothers and used to calling the shots. She’s a headstrong nurse used to giving the shots. But when the ranch is threatened by a clause in the trust stipulating that the head of the ranch must have a wife, they do the unthinkable. They get married. With the lines blurred between work and marriage, Robb and Kerry must navigate their new arrangement and the growing feelings for each other. Both of them long for the same thing—home, security, family, and most importantly, love. And they just might find it if their stubborn wills don’t get in the way… 

When two worlds collide, is love the only outcome?

Axl: For three months my band, Flaming Fixation, has been on tour, and for three months and one day I’ve been fixated on Sophie Sommers. Now I’m staying in every night, dreaming up ways to get with her. She doesn’t even acknowledge my existence, so how has she got my blood pumping so hot?

Sophie: My family reputation is less than stellar. In fact, it has impacted my plans to open my own beauty school. So I’ve taken a job on tour with the hottest rock band in the world. They’re hot on the radio charts, but they’re even hotter in person. Especially Axl Hendrix, and no matter how much I ignore him, he sneaks into my dreams at night.

An inheritance from a mother she never knew. But can this fixer-upper mend her heart? Hazel didn’t think there was anything a homemade apple pie couldn’t fix—until her husband divorced her and left her broke. Trying her best to raise her ten-year old daughter and make ends meet, Hazel is desperate for a fresh start. When she inherits a fixer-upper in the small town of Maple Bay, Hazel and her daughter head to the country for the reading of her biological mother’s will. But a clause in the will says Hazel and her sister—the sister she didn’t know existed—must live together on the rural property for one summer, or forfeit their inheritance. If Hazel can tough it out in the country for a few months, she stands to gain a historic carriage house. It needs renovation, but Hazel thinks she can fix it up, sell it as a bed-and-breakfast, and use the profits to begin her life anew, back in the city. She isn’t planning to stay in Maple Bay, or to fall in love with her sister’s best friend, Jesse—a single dad and handsome cowboy who is recovering from heartbreak of his own. Hazel and Jesse are from two different worlds, but this horse-whisperer just might know how to speak to Hazel’s broken heart . . . until Hazel discovers a box of letters and a secret from her past that changes everything.

Allegra Hale had no idea shifters existed when she headed off to college with her two best friends. Let alone that her campus was near a shifter town. But that all changed when she got into a crash and was rescued by Zeke Blakesley—the wolf shifter who insisted they belonged together.

Zeke knew Allegra was his fated mate the moment he caught her scent. Now that he has found the woman who was born to be his, he’ll never let her go.

Conner thinks it’s all in good fun. Playful banter. He thinks all his flirting and sexual innuendos are harmless…And that’s exactly what I want him to think. He can never know how much each smirk or touch twists me up inside. He’s been my best friend since we were kids. I could never jeopardize our friendship over some stupid childhood crush-even if that childhood crush has bloomed into something so much sexier as we’ve gotten older. Regardless, I can’t do it. I need to maintain our friendship and my heart unbroken above all else. Conner Smoak has more notches in his bedpost than I care to count and I can’t bear the thought of ending up as one of them. Not after everything we’ve been through together. 

A heartbroken surgeon.
A cocky carpenter thirteen years her junior.
Can their perfect fling turn into the real thing?

After suffering a devastating loss, transplant surgeon Harlow James hits the open the road and ends up in Taos, New Mexico hoping to find out where she went wrong. Instead, she finds the perfect man.

There’s only one problem: he’s too young.

But even as master woodworker Dax Drexel is the perfect temporary distraction to her problems, can their fling survive the scrutiny of her profession, their friends, and his own family?

A god obsessed. A captive bride who can’t escape his love. As old as time, born from Nothing, I command the forsaken remnants of all that once lived. Bone shapes the kingdom over which I rule, and the rotting flesh of man does my bidding. Sequestered away from mortals, I long for warmth, but everything I touch is cold. Except for her, the woman who stumbles into the shadowed depths of the Pale Court. In her reluctant embrace, Ada calls me the devil, so I show her pleasure like only the devil can. I am the heat that stirs her flesh. I am the longing that trembles her bone. No matter how she hisses defiance, her body was made to obey my every desire. I am its master, no matter her wish to flee my dark, cold kingdom. Ada will never escape my devotion. Bone will shackle her to me for eternity. Because immortality is loneliness in disguise. A curse I cannot bear suffering alone any longer, so I lock Ada away behind doors guarded by corpses, forcing her to carry it with me forevermore. Welcome to the Pale Court, my Queen.

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