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No one takes what’s mine.
The lovely attorney kept a secret from me.
A baby she’s been carrying since Valentine’s night.
The night we were thrown together by the roulette wheel.
She never contacted me. Meant to keep me in the dark.
She’s about to find out what happens when you cross a bratva boss.
Punishment is in order. Sequestering until the birth.
And I’ll use that time to win her surrender.
Because I don’t just plan to keep the baby—
I plan to make his mother my bride.
And it would be much better for both of us if she were willing.

Repeat after me… No one can find out. No one. Especially not the press. My boss broke her heart… and now it’s become my job to protect her. Protect her body, not her heart. Although, I’m up for the other task as well. But first, I’ll punish her if she gets herself into trouble. Punish her in a way that she’ll love. In a way that she’ll never forget. Her curves beg for me to teach her a lesson. To leave my mark on her. But being a councilwoman’s bodyguard doesn’t entitle me to anything. I have to keep my hands off her. A damaged man can’t be trusted around her. Especially if he’s supposed to be her one big secret. A secret that might turn into her next big heartbreak…

Three Wild Stories. One desperate need for intimate relations with truck drivers on the job! Scalding Hot Stories are right here for the taking in this juicy bundle of truck driver tales. Indulge your fantasies of being taken by a stranger on a long distance road trip. What will you get up to in the cab? How will it feel with men who don’t get to visit with a woman too much? In these three short stories, you’ll find younger ladies and older men, discovering lust and pleasure in each other’s arms. You won’t be able to put this book down until the very last page has washed over your sizzling skin and left you breathless and spent. Stories included for your pleasure: The Truck Stop Special, Clean Me Up, & One Hell Of A Ride.

It’s a constant battle on set between sexy home renovation reality star grumpy Gannon and his no-nonsense field producer. Paige has zero time for temperamental talent, especially one who acts like being in front of the camera is the last thing he wants. Mr. Sex in a Toolbelt has made it his mission in life to get a rise out of her, but Paige is a master at locking down her temper. They’re on the road together working long hours fixing houses and changing lives. When cracks in her legendary coolness start to show and sparks fly, Gannon is infatuated and the cameras are there to capture it. But he’s fallen for pretty packages before and Paige won’t be taken seriously if she’s caught sleeping with the star of her show. She also can’t seem to resist those big, rough hands. Those smoldery hazel eyes. The dimples. The toolbelt. That fiercely protective vibe. Too bad it’s all about to fall apart. She never should have trusted him. He never should have let her go.

What’s your fantasy? Your secret desires? Step into a Storybook Pub to experience the magical hospitality of proprietor Kole O’Shea. From bewitched bartenders to time travel and a singles cruise in Storybook Pub. To reminding us all about the spirit of Christmas, a sexy Santa, and a naughty reindeer in Storybook Pub Christmas Wishes. What wishes will Kole have in store? Love? Fantasy? Second chances? Your dreams will be fulfilled. Storybook Pub 2… Where wishes come true!

Featured Authors: DC Renee, Naomi Springthorp, Ember-Raine Winters, Tonya Clark, Alexi Ferreira, Claire Davon, C. J. Corbin, Lane Martin, Rayne Elizabeth, Cam Johns, Tessa McFionn, E.K. Woodcock, Rachel Radner, Kenzie Rose, Brynn North, Melody Dawn, Dakota Brown, Victoria J. Hyla, & Danielle Wright.

A dying kingdom. A fugitive queen. And the five knights who will fight to the death to defend them.  Lorelai D’Anjou’s life has never been easy. The sole survivor of a dark magic that destroyed her entire family, she has spent the last eight years caring for the ailing, impotent monarch who saved her life and claimed her for his own. When the king is murdered by his selfish brother, Lorelai’s world is suddenly narrowed down to two choices: marry her husband’s killer, or die. Now, she flees for her life, a fugitive in her own kingdom as she seeks allies to help her take back her stolen throne. Thankfully, Lorelai is not without friends. The fierce, dashing knights of the Order of the Regent have always been loyal, and during her darkest hour, they come to her aid. Unfortunately, five knights are not enough to rally a kingdom, especially when assassins are nipping at Lorelai’s heels, and doubt is brewing in the hearts of Valliere’s great houses. But Lorelai has never been one to give up, and she’s not about to start now. Especially when the alternative is not just death, but the end of the entire world as she knows it….

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