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Megan is a nerd. But it’s a fabulous form of revenge that the same traits she was tormented for in high school have helped her land her dream job as a science journalist in New York and her dream apartment with fellow nerd, Josh, who is potentially her dream guy. The only problem is Josh’s brother, Brandon, is constantly around blocking any attempts to create a romantic atmosphere. Megan nurses an oversized grudge against jocks due to a past traumatic experience. The fact that Brandon’s a professional football player whose new favorite sport is mocking her only increases her fantasies of feeding him to a giant carnivorous plant.
Brandon’s life might look perfect, but he’s got a massive hang-up about his intelligence, a hang-up which is aggravated by all the verbal sparring with Josh’s new roommate. Even worse, it appears Science Barbie is falling for his deeply closeted brother. Why does he care so much about preventing the impending disaster? But the more time he spends with Megan, the more he realizes the sparks between them have the potential to ignite into something amazing. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I used to believe in fairy tales. And then I met him. They call him the Beast. Cold, calculating eyes watched my every move. He pushed me up against the walls of his castle, and growled against my neck that he owned me now. But beneath the savage, I glimpsed a man.  I gave myself to him. I let him dominate every inch of my curves and touch every corner of my heart. When it was his turn to do the same, it all went dark. I get a peek into his real world for the first time–a world of ruthless killers and heartless criminals. His baby grows inside me as long-buried secrets start to unravel–each of them more devastating than the last. Real intentions surface. I discover that everything I once believed to be true is really a lie. There are no such things as fairy tales. And only time will tell if I dodged a bullet or made the biggest mistake of my life.

Christi Cabernet is happy to bring you this bundle filled with ménage stories, BDSM, cuckolding, interracial encounters, and so much more! This bundle of stories will leave you breathless! It will leave you saying I never thought of doing that, but now I definitely want to try! These stories are taken from the works of Raven Merlot, Alexandra Noir, Rod Fetcher, and Bambi Hammer. This group can’t wait to share their fetishes, kinks, dirty fantasies, and extravagant past adventures with you! These stories include explicit content for women and men who are ready for some adventures! What are you waiting for? This’ll just be our little secret. 😉 This bundle also contains two novel-length story sets that Can’t be purchased separately. For Queen and Country and The Cuckold Debtor are available here! These stories include: Interracial Encounters, Cuckolding wives, BDSM & Femdom stories, MMF Encounters, Cuckold Husbands Being Useful, Discipline and S/M, And much more! 

Bette Menezes has never felt so lost. After being cheated on by her long-time boyfriend and losing the woman who raised her, it’s time to make a change. When she discovers that Aunt Clara left her a manor in Ireland, Bette leaves her old life in São Paulo to chase a new adventure. In the other side of the ocean, the Quinn Manor is Darragh’s whole life. It’s the house he grew up in, and the place he’s fighting to keep standing. He has everything under control until a girl from Brazil barges in to claim the house belongs to her. They both believe to be the manor’s rightful owner, and only thirty years of love letters will decide who can keep the house. 

Three full length Christian small-town romances with interracial characters. You will fall in love with the people, community, and heartwarming stories of Eron and its Outsiders in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Complex: Sofia Wise returns home to mourn the loss of her grandmother, and the last thing on her mind is love. When a dark, devastatingly handsome stranger shows up on her family’s doorstep, Sofia takes one look and is tempted to make her visit permanent. The problem is, the town’s detective is suspicious of her entire family, and it might take some convincing to prove that she’s more interested in the man himself than in the complex case at hand. Choices: Just as Chloe starts dating the town’s contractor, a handsome doctor passes through their town. With new dating options, Chloe is forced to make a crucial choice. Marry the golden boy or the charming doctor who makes her weak in the knees. Can she trust God’s plans for her future? Beyond Repair: Hiding from her troubled past, Jules Demski sequesters herself in the mountains of Eron, Colorado, the only place she’s ever felt safe. Her solitude is shattered when an injured man staggers into her family’s barn. Burned once and still in repair, the last thing she needs is another criminal on her hands. If she can only convince her heart of this, she just might be able to resist the interloper’s charm. 

You know those people who love coloring outside of the lines? Yeah, that’s not me. I’ve always been the girl who does what is expected. I’m the mind my parents, go to church on Sunday, dot my i’s and cross my t’s kind of girl. Some may call it safe and cookie-cutter. Heck, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s even boring. The thing is, I tried venturing into the wild side, and it bit me in the ass—literally. I not only went back to my safe and boring life, I ran. I put my mistake in the past. The only problem is that Lincoln Locke refuses to stay there. He’s constantly showing up and tempting me, trying to lure me into his bed. And damn it, I may like following the rules, but I definitely have trouble resisting temptation. It doesn’t help that temptation comes in the form of an ultimate bad boy, with sexy abs, devilish smile and dark eyes made to melt my clothes off my body. Linc burned me once. I’d be a fool to give him a chance to do it again. Now if someone could just tell that to my hormones… And my heart. 

Peaceful, free-spirited Summer is the last person anyone expected to be paired with angry, tough-guy Killian, but the Man of the Month Club matchmaking application is full of surprises. Summer Flynn is a modern-day flower child. She believes there’s no problem that crystals, sage, and positive thoughts can’t fix. Killian Jenkins has had a hard life. He knows that certain problems can only be handled by roughing-up the bad guy. These two have fundamentally different approaches to life. Summer believes in peace, love, and harmony. Killian believes in the absolute power of his fists. Will these two extreme opposites be able to meet in the middle? Or did the Man of the Month Club matchmaking application make a terrible mismatch this month? Find out when you read Man of the Month Club: JUNE.

I’ve been hiding to protect my life. Constantly looking over my shoulder. I know I’m being looked for, hunted. For a crime I didn’t commit, but one I’m taking the fall for. One misstep and I’m frozen. I’m face to face with the man hired to take my life. Hayden Cash has found me and I can’t breathe. This June, meet 22 heroes who are downright dangerous. These alphas do nothing half-way. They may have blood on their hands, but they have love in their hearts. Some romances were written in the stars — but these hitmen must fight heaven and earth for the women they love.

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