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It took ten seconds to fall for her, one accident to lose her, and seven years to get back to her. Sadie: Britt Tillman was a jerk. Yet I was forced to tolerate him. Our parents were best friends. I’m not sure if I hated him or if I secretly wanted him. Then Britt kissed me. He growled when his mouth touched mine. His lips were soft. His hold was firm. The next day, he vanished. After seven years, he’s back with a sexy smile, flirty eyes, and jacked muscles. Not that I care. Let him slather on the charm. I won’t give in to The Tillman Crush. NOT THIS TIME! Britt: Sadie Holland. Beautiful. Smart. The untouchable girl next door. Growing up, I wanted her. To keep her at a safe distance, I was mean to her. Then, the accident happened. With my mom gone, my father turned to the bottle. So I left town the first chance I got. Now, I’m back and not just for Sadie. The other thing I want. Well, the girl I came back for might not like it. Still, I won’t stop until I get what I want. NOT THIS TIME!

During a charity event where hot billionaires have agreed to be auctioned off for a night, Kelly finally gets her chance to be with the man she’s been lusting after… her filthy rich employer James.

And tonight, she’s the boss.

Meet a bad-boy of baseball, a sexy stripper, a gorgeous race car driver, a handsome male librarian, and a hot firefighter in this sizzling 5-book collection…
Sterling: Strike 1: Savannah is my best friend’s little sister. Strike 2: She’s also Coach’s daughter. Will my secret be Strike 3?
Saint: My name is Saint, but that is the only thing about me that resembles one. The last thing sweet Sky needs is a stripper for a boyfriend. So, why do I crave her so much?
Beau: Fiona is beautiful and built––perfect for a hot, sexy fling. But she claims to be my wife. Yes, I said wife. Yikes. If that’s the truth, why don’t I remember her?
Adam: I’m part of an elite, rare group… I’m a male librarian. Most women don’t see that I’m passionate about more than books. But Eve is not most women. She has already told me a lie. Can I trust this beautiful temptress with my heart?
Gabe: I’m a firefighter. The uniform and heroic streak are instant panty droppers for hose chasers. But Ciara’s not like that. She’s different. Will we be able to survive our white-hot flames of passion without being burned?

If falling in love with a vampire sucks, how about five? I’m not interested in helping the police tame vicious, serial-killing master vampires. But try telling that to detective Jason Avery, my annoying ex, who thinks he can walk back into my life with a sob story and puppy dog eyes to match. According to him, I have no choice. I’m the only Vanth Tattooist left with the power to bind the symbol of humanity to a 300-year-old vampire. The rest of those like me? Burned out. Incarcerated. Dead. No one predicted the asshole vampires escaping. And somehow, the leader has altered the mark I gave them into an unbreakable bond. The undead bastards are stealing my humanity bit by bit, and turning the one person I ever loved into a monster and me into a hot mess whenever they’re near. Dark desires are creeping in. People around me are missing or dying. And all I have is a meagre tattoo gun and the power of my blood to protect me. I need to find these vampires and destroy their hold over me. Before my ex becomes the very thing he’s always despised. And before I do something so terrible, there’s no coming back. They say vampire love sucks. They’re not bloody wrong.  

Fire burns the worst sins. Trust is overrated. Killing for pleasure is messy, bloody, chaotic… He was supposed to die. But now I have him where I want him, I can’t help but taste him a little. All of them. They’ve gotten under my skin. These Sacred Heart boys. The way they look at me, a need, a hunger clawing inside, I recognize it in the mirror. It’s their eyes. They tell me they don’t give a fuck if they live or die. That I’m the prey and they’re the carnivores. That they’re soulless. But in the end, they all beg. Violent, bloody, and raw. Because I’m the real monster. They just don’t know it yet. 

Tauria, aged 32, lives in the society that seems to believe that happiness is a universal concept. People, who had survived the near apocalyptic experience, have built a whole new world full of pleasure and easiness. It is designed to make everyone feel happy every minute of their lives. Work brings satisfaction, hobbies are encouraged, relationships are supposed to bring out only positive emotions. Does it matter that things that don’t fit into the general happy pattern get discarded and disappear? Things like friendship and commitment. Things like true love. It is supposed to be enough with lightness and never-ending joy. But there are two worlds now. They are forced to exist side by side. Can they find a way to live together? The Chinese proverb says: “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” What will the people of two worlds, so utterly different and at the same time so similar, choose?

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