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Spying on my daddy’s best friend and incriminating him was the easy part. But trying to stay out of his bed? That was way harder. What did I do? I’m totally freaking out. I said yes to sleeping with him. Yes to being his fake wife. And yes to keeping all of that a secret. Yes… Life is a complete mess now. The whole point of us pretending to be married was for him to get custody of his daughter. He’s an incredible father. And he’s also used to getting his way. An alpha and a man always in control. I don’t think he could handle the biggest secret that I’m keeping. Not from the world but from him. A baby. My pregnancy would destroy him, his family, his world. And therefore, it would also destroy me in the process.

Will he give up his glitzy billionaire rock star life for the girl who got away? Her father warned me to stay away from her. She was beautiful, off-limits, and the kind of girl who could only lead to trouble for a guy like me. That didn’t stop me from being her first. And yes, she was trouble, but in all the most exciting ways. I have everything a guy could want, and none of it matters without her. Without Chrissie, my life’s broken. Is it finally our time? Doesn’t matter. I’m going back to claim the girl who got away.

For years I watched everyone in my family find their mates… everyone but me. The heartache became too much, and I decided to leave my pack behind. Blackclaw Manor became my solitude, and I gave up on ever finding my mate. Then one day, she walks in to my forest. Lost, afraid, a true damsel in distress. I can sense her, feel her… I have to have her. I’ll drag her back to my manor and keep her by my side until she understands what we are to each other.

So many fantasy books, so little time. Join authors through a new type of speed dating- Speed Dating with Authors give you an opportunity to “date” authors in hopes of finding your next favorite read. New worlds, shifters, magic and of course dragons will grace each page as you fall in love again and again with Speed Dating with Authors-Fantasy Novel edition. 6 exclusive full-length novels from today’s best fantasy authors available for a limited time. Authors Include: J.A. Culican , Melle Amade, Daphne Moore, DV Fischer, Mari LaRoche, Angela Kulig, and Janeal Falor.

It all started with a call from my past. After scrimping and saving, Bridget Smith managed to get her forensic IT agency up and running. No small feat considering her father left her destitute and friendless after committing fraud, which forced her to change her identity. But her meticulously crafted façade crumbles when her next vital job is for a handsome former crush and casualty of her dad’s crimes. Alex Ross runs his multibillion-dollar investment firm with an evenhanded iron fist. So when he uncovers missing money, he’s determined to find the person responsible. But he’s shocked to discover the white-hat hacker he hired is the stunningly hot daughter of the guy who ripped off his family. Bridget is grateful he doesn’t hold her accountable for the sins of her father, and her relief rekindles forgotten attractions that quickly land them in bed, where Alex proves as dominant as he is in the boardroom. They work side by side to uncover crucial digital evidence, but neither could have guessed the cyberspace strikes would spill over into violent real-world attacks. Can Bridget and Alex expose a dangerous scam and unlock the code to love?

Poppy’s is a newly single woman whose life falls apart when her long-term boyfriend dumps her. She decides to go back to the town where she grew up so she can finish her higher education. She moves in with her mom and decides to work at a daycare part-time to fund her education. At the daycare, she bumps into a little boy named Kinsley. Kinsley becomes the unwitting matchmaker as he helps introduce Poppy to his hot, sexy and hunky dad, Ethan. Sparks begin to fly after Ethan saves Poppy from a rogue alpaca. Poppy also starts dating other guys such as lovesick yet perfect Joseph and the kind-hearted Drake. Who will Poppy choose? Follow Poppy in this standalone laugh-out-loud feel-good book as she navigates dating, dirty diapers, school work and a disapproving mother.

Two years ago, she ruined my family’s life. Maybe, she thought it was only a little lie. That she did the right thing, that the worst was behind her, that no one had gotten hurt. Oh, how naive the black haired beauty was! Fate has finally brought her back to me…to Blackthorn Academy. Once upon a time, I was obsessed, consumed with the need to make her mine. Now, I just want revenge, and I’ll do whatever I can to get it. You see, the beautiful, sweet Willow doesn’t realize the mistake she’s made, yet. She doesn’t realize that she’s entered the lion’s den, and there won’t be any escaping her fate. I’m Parker Rothschild, and I’ll become her nightmare, her enemy, her bully. By the time I’m finished with her, she’ll be begging me for forgiveness and pleading to confess her sins. 

Clairvoyant artist, Alistar Spears, the current Earl of Griston is in dire straits. At the stroke of midnight on his thirty-third birthday, a curse decreed six generations before will send him to the madhouse. He doesn’t even know how or why the curse was instituted. All he knows is that he will go insane. Peyton McKenzie, art critic extraordinaire, is in England for an inheritance from a grandfather she’d never met. In a stroke of rotten luck, she runs into her least favorite artist in the world, Jess Aldis. On the upside, she adores the Tudor style house she now owns, complete with diary showcasing a window to the past, and an exciting neighbor—a real live, very attractive earl.

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