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The Easton Family Boxset is a complete collection of eight books. Full of forbidden angst, with gripping story lines and jaw dropping twists you’ll never see coming. These broody men will do anything to protect the women in their lives.

  • Fallen Duet (Free Fall & Down Fall)
  • Fated Duet (Defy Fate & Obey Fate)
  • Bonded Duet (Torn Bond & Tied Bond)
  • Burned Duet (Fast Burn & Deep Burn)


Fallen Duet: We were never meant to meet; our paths shouldn’t have crossed. And yet they did. I was an undercover DEA agent and she was the little sister of my next target. She was forbidden in every sense of the word, and not just because of the sixteen year age gap. We were taught to expect the unexpected, but nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen. I fell hard. I fell fast. I free falled heart first. But there was a secret I was keeping, and if revealed, it’d destroy the lives of those I’d vowed to protect. One wrong move and everything could erupt in our faces. All that remained was one question…Was she worth it?

 (Blurbs for all included titles are available on Amazon)

After years of absence, Smith (Brick) Gunner’s unexpected appearance at the clubhouse is received with mixed emotions and reactions from his brothers, Mammoth and Cannon.

But when his return comes with a proposal that could be the answer to all the Young Outlaws MC’s problems, bridges are built, and compromises made.

However, Brick knows that secrets and truths need to be exposed, but not before the stage is set, the scene played out and the deed is finally done. Because there is one thing that all the Gunner brothers are seeking, and that is VENGEANCE.

Luca: I’m the strong, silent type for a reason. Just because I don’t say it doesn’t mean I don’t want Dani the minute she walks into the firehouse to film a story for the local TV station. She’s bubbly and beautiful and apparently, she needs my help to win the local chilli cook off. I will not say no to time alone with her but I might have to find other uses for my mouth because talking will not get me the girl.

Dani: Luca is a man of action and I like it. Sometimes I can’t stop my mouth from running but he has a few great wait to keep me quiet. We’re total opposites, but there’s something about him that draws me in – beyond the hot body and the way he warms mine up. Now I just need to figure out if he’ll open up to me enough for us to make this more than a one- week-stand.

Huntley Reed was convinced that military relationships were doomed to fail. He’d seen too many marriages go down in flames to think he could make one work. But he didn’t feel as though he was missing out until he met Cora Davis. Huntley tried to stay away from the gorgeous bank teller, but he could only stay away for so long. When Cora was taken hostage during a bank robbery, he had an epiphany—living without her wasn’t an option. The hunky Navy SEAL was going to rescue his woman and make her his.

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