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He’s about to marry the wrong woman until he meets the wedding planner, and now he has a decision to make. Always the wedding planner and never the bride. That’s what Daisy Ray is afraid her future holds. Things never seem to go well for her in the love department, but her mom says God must be saving her for that special man. Her world gets shaken up when she meets actor, Logan Terry, and his ice queen fiancée. She doesn’t expect for Logan to break up with his fiancée during their first appointment, and she certainly doesn’t expect him to ask her out on a date not long after. Logan Terry wants a new career as a drama teacher, but his brother wants him to conform to his preconceived idea of success. When he meets Daisy, he’s ready to begin a new phase of life, but first, he has to deal with disgruntled family members who believe his decisions are rash and impulsive. A whirlwind romance might be just what Daisy and Logan need, but are they ready to deal with the consequences? Will they realize they’ve moved the relationship forward too quickly, or will they hold on to what might be the greatest love of their lives?

His secrets are tearing them apart. But the truth may get them killed. When Rosalina left Italy to pursue her culinary dreams, she didn’t expect heartbreak to be on the menu. Archer Mahoney is the man of her dreams—handsome, wealthy, and filled with adventure—except for the recurring nightmares he refuses to talk about. Archer has spent a lifetime hunting for lost treasure, but his own buried past now threatens to destroy his future. Each night he relives the horrific dive that claimed his father’s life twenty years ago. But the events of that day, and the truth surrounding the golden medallion he found on the dive, are mysteries he can’t solve alone. When Rosalina shockingly connects the medallion to the stained-glass window of an ancient Italian church, she believes it may be the key to mending the ocean between them. But some treasures are buried in blood, and a deadly priest will stop at nothing to keep a nefarious secret contained…

A three-week affair and he was gone, leaving me with a gift. A baby. This big handsome billionaire had no desire to play his family’s inheritance games. So he traveled instead, running from his old life from country to country. In the process, he picked up photography, falling in love with images of little ones and beautiful women. You can’t take the playboy out of a Bancroft. After several years of him being gone, I forgave him.  He didn’t know about me and our baby. But fate has a way of throwing lovers back in the arena again when the first time ended like fireworks drenched in rain. A terrible breakup sent me running to Bali for sunshine and freedom. And wouldn’t you know it? My handsome bad boy was there too. I’m not falling for him again, nor am I telling him about our kiddo. I built a life without him, a crappy one, but still… Our secret love affair will stay just that—secret. 

Two weeks, one wedding, zero bride. What could possibly go wrong? Juniper never thought her dream man would walk through her front door one hot summer day, but hello sexy cowboy! Marshall Blackwood checked all the boxes… and then some. Tall, with the shoulders of Atlas, a voice so rich he could drop panties from fifty feet and her one chance at saving her company from foreclosure. The fact he was worth billions helped with the above, but she had a hard time ignoring his strong hands, perfect lips and sexy blue eyes. Too bad he was there to hire her as his wedding planner. Isn’t that always the way? Always the wedding planner, never the bride. But not everything is as it seems behind the miles of silk, invitations and planners. Her new boss is in the market for more than a wedding planner and thinks she might be perfect for the position. And he has no shame in using his hot body to get what he wants. If she doesn’t pay along with the ‘I dos’ will her one ticket to saving her company walk away? Worse yet, will she lose the touch of a man she’s become addicted to? 

Can a message in a bottle lead to love? Grab your beach hat and a towel and prepare for a boxed set full of Beach Brides and Fun in the summer sun! When a group of diehard romantics share a silly dare to stuff a note in a bottle addressed to their dream guy and cast it out to sea, will they actually find him? Or will their romantic wish remain adrift? Find out with these nine delightful sweet romances that will keep you reading well into the night!

  • Meg by Julie Jarnagin
  • Tara by Ginny Baird
  • Nina by Stacey Joy Netzel
  • Clair by Grace Greene
  • Jenny by Melissa McClone
  • Kim by Magdalena Scott
  • Rose by Shanna Hatfield
  • Lily by Ciara Knight
  • Amy by Raine English

 (Blurbs for each included title are available on Amazon)

Out of work and on the verge of being homeless, Sylvie Jenkins is desperate. Her desperation leads her to take a job with a reclusive writer living in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. She’s never heard of Connor Hudson, but the man is offering her room, board, and an extremely generous salary. How bad could he be? Sylvie is shocked to learn that she might not know who Connor Hudson is, but millions of readers do, scarfing up the books he writes under various pseudonyms. And Connor’s not just a bestselling author. He’s a billionaire entrepreneur whose publishing and media empires span the globe. Her new employer is a drop-dead gorgeous hunk, but he’s also surly, dominating, and demanding. He’s accustomed to being obeyed and kowtowed to, but he soon discovers that his feisty new assistant refuses to do either. Sylvie thinks he’s an arrogant, condescending jackass! Connor is shocked that this little imp isn’t cowed by his wealth, power, and position. That fascinates him. The Dom in him is determined to have her…and her obedience and submission as well. Naive and nerdy, Sylvie mistakes sex for love. But Connor can’t love her. He’s keeping secrets: dark and dangerous secrets. He says he’s incapable of love. But as the body count begins to rise, you can’t help but wonder…is he capable of murder?

It was almost certain Spotted Horse’s wounds would be his end. The Warrior considered praying for death to avoid being a burden to his already struggling village. His mind was in a strange, dark place of hopelessness when the only white survivor of the attack was brought into his tipi to be his caretaker. Skye hadn’t agreed with her family’s choice to stake a claim in the middle of Blackfoot territory. The battle that ensued from their intrusion killed everyone in the party save Skye. Finding herself “given” to a half-dead warrior was not helpful to her psyche. Escaping the village to find the nearest fort was all she could think about, until she saw the injured Warrior. She should have hated the man but the sight of him woke desires in her she never knew existed. The flame-haired woman was loud, opinionated, and stubborn but also, very much alone. Something about her excited Spotted Horse and restored the Warrior’s desire to live. Despite the contempt displayed by the members of the village, he wanted to share his life with her. Can Spotted Horse recover from his injuries well enough to be the man Skye needs? Can Skye conquer her fear of living the remainder of her life with the Blackfoot? Can love find a way to overcome the hatred their people have for each other? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I’m Sophie Rowling. I used to be a world-renowned violinist, until my world was turned upside down. Following a freak accident in Paris, I can’t remember how to play the violin anymore. To make matters worse, I’m supposed to perform for my childhood teacher’s retirement party, which is just weeks away. Usually I would turn to my BFFs, Jackie the ghost and Allegra the violin fairy, for moral support, but I’ve also lost my ability to talk to them. Then fate steps in, and Dante enters my life. He’s hot, dangerous, and addictive. I can’t spend a moment without thinking of him, and I keep on bumping into him. Honestly, this is so wrong. I should forget about him and focus on my music—in order to keep what’s left of my sanity. But wait, do I really need sanity? As they say, “Insane is the new cool,” and maybe I need to try being cool. Dante had a simple job: fly to Japan, run an errand, and go back to the US for good. He wasn’t expecting Sophie, an innocent girl with an attitude, to literally fall into his arms. Now they are being followed, attacked, and can’t get enough of each other.  As their lives intertwine, the danger and passion grow between them. Will the fates allow them to have a happily ever after? Or will fate continue to put them in harm’s way? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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