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Aftertaste is a collection of stories from Yolanda Olson, and A. A. Davies.

Available for a very limited time, this collection includes the following:

  • From The Wreckage (Previously published in A Family Affair Anthology)
  • Illicit (Previously published in A Family Affair Anthology)
  • Kenji (Previously published in Another Family Affair Anthology)
  • Rivalry (Previously published in Another Family Affair Anthology)
  • Reckless (Bonus Story)
  • Resist (Bonus Story)

These stories are unputdownable extreme taboo, forbidden, delicious delights.

She’s a single mama searching for her twins’ father. He’s a sea dragon shifter trying to protect his clan.  When Lottie moved to Norway, she never expected to become a single mother. But the father of her twins doesn’t want anything to do with them – and has disappeared entirely. Now his brother says the man is dead. And that her babies might not be entirely human. Eiric’s search for his brother’s killer is derailed when Lottie pops up on his doorstep, claiming his brother knocked her up. Now he has to explain that his entire family is different, to say the least. Sea dragon shifters are the world’s best kept secret, and he can’t allow Lottie in. But as much as he resists, Lottie’s easy charm and sunny attitude set his blood boiling. But danger looms over their fledgling family, and the twins have to be protected at all costs. Lottie needs to trust Eiric and his family of sea dragons to keep her babies safe, even though the price might be her heart.

All women are beautiful… Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But sometimes there’s one that really hits the spot and steals your breath without them even knowing you exist. Lily Parnell was that woman for me. Women came easy to me…and for me, for that matter. But Lily was—different. The first time I saw her I didn’t just want her, I craved her… and once we had met, I knew she felt the same. The heated chemistry, s*xual tension, and our burning desire for one another fanned the flames of passion between us. It was never supposed to be a hearts and flowers romance we agreed that at the start. Until one day Lily decided what I had to give her wasn’t enough, a girl like her deserved everything.

Two weeks, one wedding, zero bride. What could possibly go wrong? Juniper never thought her dream man would walk through her front door one hot summer day, but hello sexy cowboy! Marshall Blackwood checked all the boxes… and then some. Tall, with the shoulders of Atlas, a voice so rich he could drop panties from fifty feet and her one chance at saving her company from foreclosure. The fact he was worth billions helped with the above, but she had a hard time ignoring his strong hands, perfect lips and sexy blue eyes. Too bad he was there to hire her as his wedding planner. Isn’t that always the way? Always the wedding planner, never the bride. But not everything is as it seems behind the miles of silk, invitations and planners. Her new boss is in the market for more than a wedding planner and thinks she might be perfect for the position. And he has no shame in using his hot body to get what he wants. If she doesn’t pay along with the ‘I dos’ will her one ticket to saving her company walk away? Worse yet, will she lose the touch of a man she’s become addicted to? 

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