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A crime boss’s daughter. An undercover cop. A forbidden attraction. Aloof and untouchable, Eva Remington keeps her feelings hidden behind a cold, impenetrable mask. As the daughter of one of London’s most notorious crime bosses, she’s learned not to show any vulnerability, and she has no time for the predatory lowlifes who surround her. The last thing she wants is to get involved with a man like her father. So when she meets his new business partner Oliver, she’s determined to keep him at a distance, despite the magnetic attraction between them. She already knows the evil that lurks behind his surface charm and those warm, penetrating eyes… Undercover cop Oliver is used to dealing with high risk, volatile situations. But nothing in his training has prepared him for the explosive chemistry he feels with Charles Remington’s daughter. He can’t risk getting involved, yet he wants nothing more than to protect the warm, vulnerable woman he discovers beneath her frosty facade. But how can he ask her to trust him when he’s about to tear her world apart?

Inside the California Gold Rush of 1849, the toughest man in town, Truitt, is ready to face the truth. Putting his fighting career aside, he needs to get out of Hangtown. The unruly mining town named after the night his father was unjustly hung. But mudslides and Truitt Emerson do not mix. Now he’s stranded with two young ladies from back east. His boss’s fiancée is difficult, but her gorgeous ladies maid has him watching her every move. Why does she clutch that silly case? When Cassidy O’Ryan was pulled from her Irish Grandparent’s home, her beloved violin became her prized possession. To avoid her father’s matchmaking, she promises to travel to the gold rush town of Hangtown to wed her cousin she’s only met as a child. What she didn’t promise was that she wouldn’t trade places with her ladies maid and pursue her love of singing and violin in the new state of California. The young women had months to plan the switch. It shouldn’t be a problem until her cousin sends Truitt Emerson to pick them up and escort them to Hangtown. Burly and tough, Truitt is not only the town boxer, but he’s also her cousin’s bodyguard. The sudden desire to trust in this handsome stranger is unusual. Until Truitt burns her beloved violin. Cassidy now has her own fight to find her truth, her freedom in this rough mining town. Neither Truitt or Cassidy are prepared for the compelling attraction that’s desperate for an honest future. Can the truth prevail or is it too late?

Nobody will touch what belongs to us, including the women we claim. Brutal. Fierce. Relentless. Everything I do I do for my family name. Now they’re giving me another task—take the bride my father chooses for me. They call it business. I call it revenge. Only one empire with mafia ties can rule. I’ll use her as a pawn. Break her down. She’s already damaged from the life she’s led. But then something happens. She rises from the ashes…and learns how to break me too.

Declan was my brother’s best friend. He was supposed to be my first… everything. But he turned out to be a cold-hearted bully. And the reason I ran away from home. For fifteen years I distanced myself from him. Until today. It’s Declan. And he’s walking towards me. My pulse quickens at the sight of him. How is he hotter than I remembered? Not fair! “What are you doing here? How did you find me?” “Eva. There’s something you need to know. I’m not the man you think I am.” I vowed one day to make Declan pay for what he did. But now, the sincerity in his voice is far too real to ignore. Could I have been wrong about him all these years?!?

My brother is hunting my fated mate. I need her to trust me, so I can protect her. He’s killing the people she loves in her addiction treatment center. But I have a plan. I will shed my reaper robes and pose as a human counselor to get close to her. I only hope when she discovers my true identity as a supernatural, she’ll still love me.

“I remember everything about that night…” For the past years, Keenan Mills stood alone as a heartbroken, single dad to his almost six-year-old son. He’s learned the hard way to never let anyone get close to his heart. One night, he meets Ryleigh Walker at an underground fight. After months of dreaming about the stunning fighter, she becomes his son’s nanny. Keenan is blown away by the breath of fresh air this strong and gorgeous woman brings to their former two-men household. With Ryleigh living in their home, he can’t escape her. She’s the one woman he can’t have, and it’s slowly driving him crazy. 

Loki, the hot new boss of Hell, is hosting a bachelorette contest. He thinks it’s funny to have a troop of women fighting to the death over him. But he doesn’t expect to attract the most lethal assassin and a rejected queen to his selection game. I’m Tessa Morrigan. I didn’t come to ride the playboy king’s sexy body or be Queen of the Underworld. I promised Lucifer his son’s head on a gold platter. I’ve been damaged in the past and vowed never to let a handsome, powerful man touch me again. Yet when Loki and I lay eyes upon each other, sizzling chemistry burns us. Under his ruthless, bad boy exterior hides another man, one that ignites flames inside my icy chest.

My heart is broken, but I will find a way to protect my mate. My enemy is cast a spell on her and she doesn’t know me, but what my brother doesn’t understand is that true love will conquer all. I will find a way to make her remember and bring her back to me. She’s lost but the final battle to win her and claim her forever has just begun.

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