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Ava: When Walt Brewer passes away, his family loses more than just their patriarch. But on Misty Mountain, we take care of each other, so when Mia asks for help, I’m ready to help. What I’m not ready for is working with my old crush James, he and I don’t see eye to eye. James is arrogant, charming, and I want to rearrange his life. But is there a spark behind our heat?

James: My days as a volunteer firefighter are behind me. Without my dad to run the family brewery, all of us need to rally to keep his dream alive. I’m ready to do my part even though restoring an old pub is not exactly in my skill set. When my brother’s girlfriend brings in her best friend to help, she sets my world on fire. Ava is sexy, smart, and I want to ignite her flame. But can I convince her that I’m not just blowing smoke?

I tried it all… I hated him in the way that he deserved. I resisted him in the way that I knew best. But I failed. Miserably. It was easier to hate Claude but harder to stay out of his bed. He wanted to win. He wanted to control me. And he wanted to make me submit. The worse part? I let him do those things. I satisfied his billion-dollar ego by letting him adore my curves. Falling in love with a bad boy was a… bad idea. But Claude wasn’t just that. He was also my enemy. An enemy that now had my heart. Could I still reclaim it knowing that this bad boy was going to be the end of my sanity? What if a part of me craved to be destroyed by him? 

She didn’t get the happily ever after she wanted. Until now. Betrayed by her cheating fiance, Georgie Cavanagh heads to Ealynn Sands to start over. After a drunken, much-too-high bid in a silent auction results in her work colleague, the delicious chef Alex Kane, cooking her a private dinner, it turns out the way to a woman’s heart is also through the stomach. But since her history with whirlwind romances doesn’t exactly come with a pristine track record, she can’t fall for him, it’s way too fast. Alex Kane’s usual approach is to offer up a couple of hot, no-strings-attached nights of pure pleasure. He doesn’t do commitment or relationships. He’ll never fall hard. But the more time he spends with the gorgeous Georgie Cavanagh, working and playing together, the harder it is to resist temptation. For the first time he can see a future with someone. And that’s freaking him out. Can either of them risk the fall that might break them both? 

They’re both trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Will their mutual attraction for each other be enough to build a future together? Looking for solace now that her loveless marriage has finally ended, recent college graduate Joselyn Evron Kearns knows she isn’t going to find it living with her family again. Especially since her father’s demands have increased in connection with his growing popularity as a TV chef. When he complains to the producers of his show about the poor quality of produce their supplier keeps sending, Joselyn heads off to Georgia to discover what the real problem is, hoping the slower pace and beauty there will restore her spirit and help her hide from the paparazzi. What she doesn’t expect to find is a handsome single dad down on his luck. Or for her heart to start yearning for something that can never be. Caleb Myers never knew fatherhood could be so exhausting. Sure, he loves his two little boys, but having a wife to help him shoulder the responsibility of caring for them and his ailing mother would be a great blessing. Only, he’s not sure if his heart can take another devastating loss, and a loving, long-lasting marriage seems like an impossible dream. Especially when lovely but obviously well-to-do Josie catches his attention. There’s no way a love match between them could last. So why does his heart keep telling him otherwise? Does he have any hope of making Josie his Georgia Peach? 

An American girl catches the eye of a prince. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Not so fast…  I’ve spent years avoiding the limelight and paparazzi that surround my parents. For a variety of reasons, being in the public eye is no-can-do for me. I fly way under the radar, the invisible daughter in my family. I’m a homebody when I’m in Pacific Palisades, and when I’m not, I travel Europe with my wandering circus of friends.

Fun. Laughs. Good times. No serious relationships.That’s what my life is about.

Then one night, I stepped into my Paris hotel room and there’s him. Prince Damon Saxe. He was magnificent, brilliant, and white-hot danger. I was consumed by him as I’ve never been by anything or anyone. Vibrant and unrelenting wakefulness burned inside me when he was near.

But we were a scandal waiting to happen.

And I couldn’t let that happen, no matter how much I wanted him.

It took ten seconds to fall for her, one accident to lose her, and seven years to get back to her.

SADIE: Britt Tillman was a jerk. Yet I was forced to tolerate him. Our parents were best friends. I’m not sure if I hated him or if I secretly wanted him. Then Britt kissed me. He growled when his mouth touched mine. His lips were soft. His hold was firm. The next day, he vanished. After seven years, he’s back with a sexy smile, flirty eyes, and jacked muscles. Not that I care. Let him slather on the charm. I won’t give in to The Tillman Crush. Not this time!

BRITT: Sadie Holland. Beautiful. Smart. The untouchable girl next door. Growing up, I wanted her. To keep her at a safe distance, I was mean to her. Then, the accident happened. With my mom gone, my father turned to the bottle. So I left town the first chance I got. Now, I’m back and not just for Sadie. The other thing I want. Well, the girl I came back for might not like it. Still, I won’t stop until I get what I want. Not this time!

A secret pact. A reluctant hero. A twist of fate. Between concerts and wedding plans, Dylan almost missed the glitch in the soul connection he shares with Heaven. Yet the truth can’t be denied for long. Something is interfering with his ability to sense her emotions, causing their empathic link to fluctuate. But when a mysterious package arrives, Dylan’s worst fears become reality. Someone seeks to erase Heaven from his life. Layne is hell-bent on mending his friendship with Heaven—even if that means denying the painful truth of his heart. The more time he spends in her presence, the stronger his desire for her becomes. When Dylan enlists his help in protecting Heaven from a looming threat, Layne is torn between his duty to his friend and his passion for a woman he can never have. Heaven’s abilities are evolving. She can sense the energy of other beings, and what she feels within Layne ignites a connection that burns soul-deep. But matters of the heart will have to wait. Someone is making threats on her life, threatening to expose dark family secrets that will alter the course of destiny. Can Dylan and Layne help Heaven find her mysterious stalker in time to stop their malicious plan? Or will the blade of their hidden truths slice the trio apart?

The Boys are Back in Town…

Two Friends… One Week… One Virgin…
It was all supposed to be about sex… A bit of fun…
No-one mentioned love…

The First Part in a Tale of BDSM, Ménage Erotic Romance

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