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I’m thirty years old and have no clue what a healthy, committed, feelings-riddled relationship is like. It doesn’t help that I have the social skills of a pineapple and coping mechanisms that veer toward avoidance.  Deciding to leave a lifetime of emotional baggage behind, I settle into small-town life, with my sights on self-improvement, fulfillment, and… my hot new neighbor. Jess Caldwell—the gorgeous green-eyed man next door—has a past that keeps him from forming attachments, while mine has me pushing to form more. The only close relationship Jess has is the one with his family. But, they are at odds when it comes to one thing—his love life. Desperate and determined, I propose a platonic dating arrangement.  He’ll be my dating coach, and I’ll be his fake girlfriend.

Kira: In the blink of an eye, my whole world has collapsed around me. Headed towards my dream vacation I was snatched right out of the air. My husband, the love of my life, was destroyed right in front of my eyes. He fought bravely trying to protect me from a horror neither one of us could have ever imagined. I find myself standing in the spotlight on a stage. Mutilated and tortured, the blood from my body flowing freely down my legs along with my will to live. Piercing yellow eyes emerge from the darkness, but even the shadows can’t hide his imposing form. Gentle, but terrifying arms reach out for me, and within their embrace can I find the will to live again? DaR: I am a badass, known throughout the galaxy for my brutality, as a ruthless and feared commander. With that being said, somehow I still got coerced into purchasing a slave. My eyes fall upon a small female who’s very essence and eternal light is leaking out of her onto the floor below her. I watch in awe as she accepts her fate, willing her nightmare to be over. I almost turn away from her and the unnecessary cruelly in this room, but the very thought of her dying on that floor surrounded by the very monsters that have done this to her disgust me. I walk up among the beings (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

How do you resist someone that sets your body on fire? Tricia Mattison’s dilemma was one most woman would have been glad to have had. The simple answer for most of us would be — you don’t. James Wild, the hot wealthy guy in question had it all: to-die-for looks, he was a gentleman who came from an amazing family… an incredibly hot lover, oh and he was set to inherit a share of billions from his family business. With a blistering chemistry and irresistible magnetic pull the scene should have been set for a fairytale romance. Then why didn’t Tricia think so? The problem was, although in his forties, James was still an eligible bachelor. Yay, would have been most women’s response, a hot rich guy with no baggage. However, to Tricia, although she was desperately attracted to him, his bachelor status made him out of bounds. She knew instinctively the heated way he had looked at her wasn’t just lust, it had said: a family home in the country, kids, and probably a dog… at the very least. Had he been a divorcee with kids, she knew she would have considered giving up her own lifestyle in a heartbeat. Who would have thought being a single man would have been a playgirl like Tricia’s hard limit?

Chemistry was never the problem, everything else was. As an adult, Antonio Alverez has success beyond his wildest youthful dreams. Everything he needs and everything most women want. Which is why he’s mystified when Julia Millan won’t give him the time of day. His interest was sparked, not to mention his arousal when they took part in their friend’s wedding. Avoiding him at every turn, the strict accountant is friendly and nice to everyone but him. But now he has a second chance to win her over while they mentor a youth group together. Julia has seen the likes of men like Antonio before, even had fun with them when she was young. But at this stage of life she looking for more than being another notch on a Casanova’s bedpost. With her close friends finding real love, she knows what it looks likes and wouldn’t mind finding her own. But as hard as she tries something pulls her to sexy Antonio over and over again. And time, after time she gives him another chance to put their relationship in the black and make it all worthwhile. When it’s all said and done, will the two have anything “in-between” the chemistry?

My silver-fox ex cost me my home, job, and college scholarship all in the same week. That left me only one option: moving in with my cousin Jared. I love the guy but living with him is like being in the military. To make matters worse, he expects me to work as a bodyguard for his security company to earn my keep. What do I know about elite personal protection? And even more unexpected, my latest hookup has a quirky mother with a plan of her own to fix my love life. If you love cyber hackers, bodyguards, spies, and steamy MM romance, look no further. The Locked & Loaded Series is for you.

After my mate rejected me, I wanted to kill him. Instead, I ran away—which nearly killed me… A year ago, everything was different.  I had just left my home, joining the infamous Mountainside Pack. The daughter of an omega wolf, I’ve always been prized—but not as prized as I would be if my new packmates found out my secret. But when my fated mate—Mountainside’s Alpha—rejected me in front of his whole pack council and my secret got out, I realized I had one choice. Going lone wolf was the only option I had, and I took it. Now I live in Muncie, hiding in plain sight. If the wolves ever left the mountains surrounding the city, I’d be in big trouble. Good thing that the truce between the vampires and my people is shaky at best and Muncie? It’s total vamp territory. Thanks to my new vamp roomie, I get a pass, and I try to forget all about the call of the wolf. It’s tough, though. I… I just can’t forget my embarrassment—and my anger—from that night. And then he shows up and my chance at forgetting flies out the damn window. Ryker Wolfson. He was supposed to be my fated mate, but he chose his pack over our bond. At least, he did—but now that he knows what I’ve been hiding, he wants me back. But doesn’t he remember? I told him I’ll never be his mate, and  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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