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In the dark of night when most people rest, the paranormal world comes alive. From small towns to big cities, these mystical creatures co-exist and interact with the human world. From shapeshifters to gods, wolves to vampires, they live and love in the shadows around us. When murder clashes with one-night stands and forbidden love, these enemies to lovers, reincarnations of past lives, and wounded heroes strive to find romance and balance in their tangled existence. Dive into exciting and dangerous supernatural worlds and leave your boring life behind. Limited Edition Box Set.

Includes these authors and titles:

Stacy Eaton – My Blood Runs Blue 
Michele Hauf – Racing the Moon 
Calinda B – Storm Shift 
Patricia Rosemoor – Wolf Moon 
Mona Risk – The Gods of Dark Love 
Rebecca York – On Edge 
Katy Walters – Fear the Night 
Susan Jean Ricci – Honeymoon in Coffinville 

Settle back with these three sexy stories. Fantasy cruises, erotic dreams coming true and all told in hot, hot, hot detail! A Valentine’s Story: Lisa has writer’s block and her editor is breathing down her neck. A chance remark from her friend has her approaching her writing in a new way and the words start flowing again. She doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, even though she writes the hottest love stories around, but when her building’s window washer drops in, things heat up quickly. The pages of her book could never be as hot as her real life experience! Stripped On That Special Day: No one wants to work on the special days of the year – least of all strippers who dance naked for men on Valentine’s Day. Feeling sad and sorry for herself, Sydney resolves to find a new job after one too many offers to be paid to have sex with her clients. Even if she was prepared to break the rules, there’s only one client she’d ever consider sneaking off with. Lucky for her, he’s on his way! Fantasy Cruise: Andi’s life is falling apart as she crumbles under the weight of her mother’s medical bills. With no way to pay for the next surgery, she accepts a stranger’s offer to consider a week away with him and his business associates. All she has to do is ‘service’ him and his guests in any way they demand. In return, the bills will be paid and she can get back to enjoying her life. Can she live up to his expectations, though? And will she hate herself in the morning?

Violet: I recently got my dream job at the Sugar Hill Community Library. For convenience, I moved in with my brother. I never expected to run into my biggest high school crush in the hallway. It’s been five years since my brother’s best friend left town to become a hotshot firefighter. Now he’s back, looking sexy, strong, and hot enough to set my panties on fire. Everybody says I’ve finally blossomed with a new life, a new job, and a new look. Do I want to commit to someone before fully exploring life’s possibilities?

Grant: I always wanted a life of travel and adventure–joining a hotshot crew was the best way to do that. After a terrible accident takes one of my buddies, I decide to take a break. When I move in with my best friend from high school, his gorgeous housemate takes me completely by surprise. She’s smart, curvy, and ignites a burning passion in my heart and body. Can I convince her that our love is a strong, steady flame and won’t burn out?

A reoccurring dream. A fated encounter. A destiny neither can deny.

Heaven Lewis needed a break—from college, relationships, and her life. After arriving in L.A., her vacation plans are thwarted by chaos. Encountering a celebrity wasn’t on her to-do list. Neither was dating him. Yet one glance into rock-star Dylan McBride’s eyes and his soul speaks to hers.

If Dylan told Heaven he had been dreaming of her for years, she would probably think he was nuts. Still, something about her awakens a desire in him he never knew existed. As much as he craves her, he can’t deny the mysterious connection between them that somehow allows him to sense her emotions.

As the bond between them deepens, Dylan uncovers a shocking secret that threatens everything he thought he knew. Can he find the courage to tell Heaven the truth? Or will looming threats and hidden dangers tear the two apart?

Her auburn hair still falls perfectly on her shoulders, her clothes hugging all the right places. Her smile still sends shivers up and down my spine. I can still remember how her lips feel on mine, my entire body, my entire being.

She is a shell of the girl I dated in college, down on her luck and still looking for her place in the world. But she’s still my princess, my goddess, my Bridgette.

I’ve always been hers. I’ve always been here — sitting, waiting, biding my time. I still get feverish dreams of her beside me, looking at me lovingly and devouring every inch of my skin.

She doesn’t know I’ve been following her all these years, making sure she’s safe. It won’t be long until my plans fall into place. It won’t be long until she’s mine again…

I can’t breathe without him.
Playboy. Billionaire. Criminal.
I should hate him for what he’s done to me, but I’m powerless to resist him.
His touch engulfs me.
His demands conquer me.
But Flynn Campbell isn’t who I thought he was.
Suddenly, I’m thrust into a world of seduction and sin.
Ensnared by danger and power, foreign desires burn within me.
It’s time to embrace the darkness…
And become a queen.

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