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If mates are everything… Why did mine abandon me when I needed him most? A fever took the world by storm and gave birth to Feral monsters. In an instant, my happy, content life was ripped out from underneath me. Even my mate bond was demolished when my mate, Carver, chose the pack over me— the one woman he was supposed to love forever. Now, I’m just trying to protect the people who trust me to make the hard decisions. I didn’t ask to lead them, but to keep them safe, I’ll do whatever I must. When Carver drops in the middle of my life with a horde of Ferals on his trail, it threatens everything I’ve built. A single night ruins it all. And I didn’t regret it. But is there really a chance, any chance, of salvaging the broken pieces of our mate bond?

What doesn’t kill you… In the wake of an attack leaving her beaten and devastated, Maya Daniels becomes someone new. No longer meek and gentle, she’s forced to live her life in a world that has repeatedly tried to tear her down. Faced with her new reality, Maya learns to fight for the life she wants, with the man who still sees beneath her scars. Makes you stronger… Brian will never forgive himself for the pain Maya went through when he wasn’t there to protect her. His choices, his life, everything he believes in are all called into question when her attacker escapes justice. He finds himself struggling to prove that he deserves her forgiveness… and that he’ll never let her go. Unless something worse than death finds you. 

They say I’m theirs. That they own me and I’m powerless to escape. And to prove their point, the ruthless mafia men steal me away. As of three hours ago I learn I’m indebted to the tune of ten million dollars to the Chicago mafia underground because my deceased father couldn’t keep his thirst for power and money in check. But before he died, he left me with a gift. An arranged marriage to the mafia men he owes. Lucky me. I’m barely scraping by as it is so I have two choices: play nice with the beautiful, deadly mafia bosses and pay my father’s debt… or marry them. This is no fairy-tale story and I’m no wanna-be Cinderella. They’ve made it clear they’ll take my body as payment and warn me not to run because they own every inch of me for as long as they wish. Once they put their hands on me I’m afraid I’ll like what they do to me. Question is, can I be the queen they want me to be?

Jack O’Donnell is a middle-aged rock star with a long history of bad decisions.  When unimaginable circumstances bring Jack and journalist Erin Langford, together, the two embark on a journey through Jack’s past where he recounts the rise and fall of his band and the profound bond he shared with his former bandmate and collaborator. Erin Langford is a seasoned journalist tasked with writing a piece on Jack O’Donnell for a popular music website. While she had preconceived notions about Jack’s rock star image and evasive nature, she learns there is far more to his story than just the headlines. As Jack reveals the heart-wrenching details of his past, the feature she thought she was going to write, turns into so much more.

Serving drinks at the hottest upscale club in town has never been a dream of mine, but it’ll do for now. I’m eighteen years old, and catering to the high class in hopes of making rent for the month while wealthy socialites spend 1000X my earnings in one causal night at the club. I need a new career… Though, the night Alec Huxley chose my section for his meeting, my world flipped. Nerves get the best of me as his deep-blue eyes drag along my body, causing me to fumble and spill whiskey all over his designer suit. It’s official. I’m THE worst. But he seems unbothered by the stain forming from my clumsiness. He even goes as far as offering me a job to work for him, which I’m still not sure if I should take…  is this a trap? Some ploy to get me alone and have his way with me, all to just throw me aside the second after? At least, that’s the pattern of the men that show up around here. Being eighteen and free has its perks, pushing me to want to take a chance. I mean, why not? Maybe it’s time to see what life has to offer all by making a mess… for daddy. 

He stayed away from trouble… Mark Anderson was a steadfast kind of guy. He did all the right things—earned his MBA, worked hard, dated appropriate women—but he was still single when it seemed like everyone around him was happily coupled up. Until it came barreling his way in a tempting package… Ariana Valenti had always been a party girl. But after a major wake-up call, she’s a reformed one. Except not everyone in Las Vegas has gotten the message, which sends her running to Chicago…and straight into Mark’s arms. Chased Into Love can be read as a standalone. Each book in the Bachelorette Party Series features a different couple.

An Invitation to the Ball…By Fifteen of Your Favorite Historical Romance Authors! You are cordially invited to the most anticipated event of the Season — Lord and Lady Whitwell’s annual ball! This year’s theme is the most extravagant yet…A Midsummer Night’s Dream, filled with fairytale gardens and fantastical costumes, sparkling champagne, and heartwarming romance. Opportunities abound for secret trysts in the shadows of moonlit walks, mistaken identities, delicious unmaskings, and perhaps even a magical spell or two. But one thing is certain—fifteen pairs of hearts will never be the same again. Enjoy this collection of never-before-released novellas by your favorite historical romance authors! Grace Burrowes, Erica Ridley, Ella Quinn, Jennifer Ashley, May McGoldrick, Sabrina York, Bronwen Evans, Jade Lee, Anna Harrington, Madeline Martin, Elizabeth Essex, Eileen Dreyer, Alyssa Alexander, Heather Snow, & Gina Conkle.

Noah: When did little Curly turn into brilliant Carly of the long legs and kissable lips? As tempting as she is, I can’t. That’s an unwritten code: don’t mess with your best friend’s sister. I’ve got to get out of here. It’s not our time yet. Carly: I’ve been waiting years for Noah to return. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in love with him forever. He’s coming to town this weekend for a wedding. I need to decide if I’m brave enough to act on my crush. If only he could see that I’m not Will’s much younger, gawky teenage sister anymore. The Men of Eden shorts are stand-alone instalove romances, achingly sweet and perfectly steamy.

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