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Secrets, curiosity, and passion. Fantasy becomes reality with little encouragement. Willa Camden, a successful author of steamy novels, becomes entwined with Jackson Mitchell, a brilliant billionaire, and his best friend Casey Melrose. Their love is shared equally, and Willa is not always in the middle. Craving excitement, they embark on international adventures in the style befitting a billionaire. Cyber threats, blackmail, and theft turn their world upside down. Their careers are jeopardized, and lives are in danger. Fair warning: They curse a little and have sex a lot, so please don’t be shocked. Join them for a wild ride.

The more you love someone, the more you hurt them… Bree: Mat Redmond chose his career over me. He broke my heart. I vowed never to let him back in. Until he shows up in the last place I expect him to. Old memories and feelings come back to haunt me and I can’t push them away. Then Mat abandons me a second time and I’m not sure I can forgive him again. Mat: Bree Sheridan was my first love.And I broke her heart. I hurt her with my choices and I vowed never to do it again. Except I did, and I regret every single moment. But when my family needs me, I have to come back home to look after them. If I make another wrong choice this time, I’ll lose Bree forever.

James and Tricia should never have met… but they did. For decades wealthy heir, James Wild, lived a magnificently messy playboy lifestyle — until he learned the legacy and reputation that goes with it could never be fully erased. This was especially true for him when a forbidden encounter caused a betrayal which nearly lost him his family. It was a hard lesson learned when James had to live with the harsh consequences because, although incidents may be forgiven, they were rarely completely forgotten. Years later, James, Vice CEO of his family firm, has been primed to take over the business. With his past behind him, James is all grown up, and with his natural ability in business he has proven his worth. With his career on the up, all that was missing was a hot romance and the love of his life. The problem with this was there had only ever one woman who had truly lit the spark within him, sadly for James, that affair was over before it began. James had been falling in love, unfortunately for him the gorgeous woman in question wasn’t. Tricia Mattison was fiercely independent, a party girl, and not at all interested in settling down, but when James and Tricia’s paths kept crossing was this fate lending a hand?

This is not your normal MC story. Abandoned at birth, Rebel has been raised by the men of Hellion MC. Happy and successful, living the life she’s chosen outside of the MC, everything changes when her mother surfaces on her 30th birthday, desperate to forge a relationship with her daughter. All is not is as it seems. Duplicity and betrayal threaten not only everything she holds dear, but her very existence. Forced to decide between the mother she’s always wanted and her MC family almost destroys her. Who will she choose, and who will she lose?

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