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Get lost in the world of the Doyles. Dangerous men with big hearts who will do anything for their family and for the women they love. Ronan, Kieran, Seamus, Connor, and Owen: the Boston Irish mob’s big-hearted bad boys. The Doyles Complete Series includes over 400,000 words and 7 books following the Doyle brothers as they confront the fast-changing world of Boston’s mafia, meet the women that steal their hearts, and forge the next generation of the Doyle dynasty. The complete collection features: Knockout, Grind, Hustle, Thug, Devil, Hooked, and Ringer.

Knockout: Owen’s an MMA fighter trying to get out of the family’s mafia business and fiery Molly O’Brien is his best friend’s little sister. What’s a guy to do when the one woman he’s forbidden is a total knockout vying for his heart?

Grind: Connor’s a mafia nightclub manager that Ava runs into while escaping her abusive ex. Now that he’s got her, this alpha won’t let a woman in jeopardy out of his sight: not until he knows she’s safe and maybe not ever.

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The novel is set in and around the iconic Art Students League in New York City where 20th Century stars of the art world studied and taught. Here, Bert Kossoff teaches painting when he is not cloistered in his studio. His wife Ruth defends her husband’s distance and tolerates his infidelities for the sake of their daughter. Sonata at age 18, lacking purpose of her own, is drawn to the mystique of her father in his world of artists and models. There she is betrayed by her artist/lover and comes to feel used, like Irene, a nude model posing for others to take what they want. In the struggle to find her way, Sonata encounters family secrets long concealed and later, one that tears open their lives, exposing  the lies that have sustained them. As each member of this shattered family finds a path to move forward, art itself—the urgency to create—is revealed as a force of its own. The terrain is confounding, where people searching for truth have learned to practice the art of illusion. 

I’m beginning to wrap up Freshman year of college when I receive an unexpected email from Dean Burke. She informs me of an unpaid balance of the previous semester; but how? I have a college fund set up on top of a trust fund— I’m set for life. There can really only be one explanation to all of this… mother. When I call her up, of course, there’s no answer. It looks like I’m forced to go out to L.A and see her for myself. Mom married some billionaire a few years back and I’ve only been invited to their place just once before, so this should be fun… As I arrive at the gate of my step-dad’s estate, I come to find out my mother is off with her new fling being that my step-dad filed for a divorce over six months ago. Now what the hell am I supposed to do? I’ll just have to drop out of school and end up like my mom, a spitting image of a gold digger… NOT. I refuse to give up. When my step-dad proposes a way to solve all my problems, I’m forced to make a choice that could alter my future for either the worse, or the absolute best.  In a single day, my whole world has flipped and now the time has come to make a decision… for daddy. 

Spending time in the small town of Paradox Lake, NY, is the last thing that Emily Hazard wants to do. Her childhood memories, including the despised nickname Jinx, are anything but fond. However, Emily’s brother Neal is deploying overseas and needs someone to stay with his teenage daughter Autumn while she finishes her senior year. Emily is going to attempt to juggle working remotely as an assistant art director for an advertising agency in New York City and keeping an eye on her niece. With his career and life in flux, Drew Stacey is currently working for a group of non-profits that is planning to rent the Hazard family’s campgrounds on Paradox Lake for a summer program. Deciding it’s a good idea to have a man around while he is gone, Neal has asked Drew to stay at the house with Emily and Autumn while Drew prepares the campgrounds. A minor fender-bender as soon as she hits town, has Emily battling old insecurities. However one person doesn’t view her as a slightly klutzy disaster magnet, and that’s the disturbingly attractive Drew. The spark between them is immediate, but Emily’s emotional blinders regarding the town, threaten to derail any prospect of a relationship. Can Emily see beyond the past?

Knox McCray is about to show this forbidden—but tempting morsel that when Texas boys go harder, they go all the way. Knox McCray has spent his life trying to outrun the tempting sight of the girl next door. Blakely is so sweet she makes him ache, but headstrong as a wild Mustang. She’s also completely off limits. She’s young, barely legal and way too innocent for the likes of him. He vows to never touch her. An accident changes all that. When Knox is left with no one but Blakely to depend on, This Texas cowboy has run out of room to run. He’s claiming Blakely and she best get ready for the ride of her life.

I accidentally bought myself an alien concubine. Thirty-one, recently divorced, and behind on the mortgage for my farm, I scrape my last savings together and buy myself a farmhand. That big, horned alien I end up with? He’s a Vandalar saikh, a male concubine, and he wants to plow more than just my fields. Guess I should have read the fine print of the purchase contract better because the trader refuses to take him back. Now I’m stuck with weed-infested fields, red letters from the bank, and a guy who says he studied one million ways to please a female. (His words, it’s not like I’m going to count…)

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there… Alec Rourke wasn’t going to waste a night out on the Strip, not even if his friends skipped their own co-ed bachelor-and-ette party. But he never expected to find a plus-one for their wedding—his new wife. And sometimes you find yourself married to a stranger… Alessia Valenti was having the worst day ever. Fired from her job. An eviction notice on her door. Her sister dragged her out to blow off some much-needed steam. Only she hadn’t planned on a stop at a wedding chapel with a hot hockey player.

She didn’t get the happily ever after she wanted. Until now. Betrayed by her cheating fiance, Georgie Cavanagh heads to Ealynn Sands to start over. After a drunken, much-too-high bid in a silent auction results in her work colleague, the delicious chef Alex Kane, cooking her a private dinner, it turns out the way to a woman’s heart is also through the stomach. But since her history with whirlwind romances doesn’t exactly come with a pristine track record, she can’t fall for him, it’s way too fast. Alex Kane’s usual approach is to offer up a couple of hot, no-strings-attached nights of pure pleasure. He doesn’t do commitment or relationships. He’ll never fall hard. But the more time he spends with the gorgeous Georgie Cavanagh, working and playing together, the harder it is to resist temptation. For the first time he can see a future with someone. And that’s freaking him out. Can either of them risk the fall that might break them both?

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