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My life has never been easy, but after tragedy strikes, I need a new beginning. Becoming a nanny was not in my life plan. After one chance encounter nearly destroyed me, another could set me free. I’ve given up on the idea of love, so living with a stranger shouldn’t be a problem. My past broke me beyond repair, and I’ve learned to accept that. What I’m not prepared for is my new boss to be the unbearably sexy single dad, Dexter Cross. He exudes a confidence I’ve never known and brings out a sass I didn’t know I had. Teasing him comes naturally, but the more time I spend with him and his children, the harder I fear it will be to leave. And I must leave. I promised him one year, but all too quickly Dex sets his eyes and heart on me. He thinks I can choose them and stay, but he doesn’t understand my kind of damaged. My scars run deep, but apparently so does his determination. With the help of our crazy friends, he sets out to make me his, one grand gesture at a time. But the question remains: Am I strong enough to let go of my past? Or are some hearts too broken to heal, even for Dexter Cross?

Captain Maddox: We were trading more than thieving lately, as we tried to become more respectable. Pirates or not, taking a young lady aboard our vessel without her permission is the last thing we’d ever do. Yet now that Maggie was here and begging to be kept on board, I found myself needing to change for the better. Her auburn-tinged hair and wide blue eyes were captivating, but it was her sweetness that melted my heart. I needed to protect her, to show her that there were good men in this world. Hopefully, I could find a way to keep her safe in my arms forever. In my mind, she was already mine. Maggie: Being torn from my horrible old life was a blessing, of sorts. Yet learning the ways of a sailing vessel filled with men was strange indeed. The Captain seemed to be fine with letting me stay aboard… at first. He made me feel things I’d never dared to dream of. Strange, powerful feelings that roiled in my belly. Every time he touched me, I wanted to give myself to him completely. But the tides and the winds are fickle, and life isn’t always smooth sailing. I didn’t know what I would do if he didn’t feel the same way.

Coming eye to eye with Gibson Barclay while he was b*lls deep in some ‘lucky’ girl was heart stopping. So what did I do? Run? Nope. I froze! The guy was every inch a rock star, in our bar at least. Pretty girls fought each other to be next in line for their few hours of fun with the scandalously, shameless, manwhore. Naturally, he was hot-as-sin to look at, but even if he had only been a six instead of a ten, his s*xy, flirty vibe, and his dirty talking ways would still have gotten him laid. Not my type of guy at all, I thought. Until years later, when a second chance to meet him made me wonder if there could possibly be much more to Gibson than the legacy I had once known him for. 

Five dead brothers want me, and I plan to keep them all. The dead took over the night a year ago, bringing with them terror beyond our wildest dreams. As a scientist and a specialist in DNA, I’ve been in the thick of it since the very beginning. Now, however, a new type of zombie has emerged. They’ve called it a Zed-Two. It’s stronger, faster, but most importantly, part human. It can shift from human to zombie in the blink of an eye, but also eat half a body in about twice that time. One was captured, but it escaped. Now my lab seems to have gotten their claws into one. And I’m the reason why. He twists shit inside my mind. The things he can do and the things he makes me feel through the glass… Then one of his brothers gets himself captured, too. And all hell breaks loose.

Having been burned in the past, Leo wasn’t sure he believed in the boom. Not even seeing the happily married Mayson couples had him convinced…until he met Carrie and felt it for himself. Carrie wasn’t looking for love when she crashed into the hot cop, but that’s exactly what she found. Then his past reared its ugly head, and she found a strength she didn’t know she had…until Leo.

Warning: The Black Diamond Rattlers will have you on your Knees. Prepare to be thrilled with this 5 book boxset from Noah Maddix and Raven Scott. This boxset contains the following titles:

Diablo’s Pain: She was an angel craving power. He was the devil desperate for peace.
Cobra’s Sins: She was in too deep. He only dragged her deeper.
Basilisk’s Vengeance: She tried to run. He was determined to chase her down.
Asmodeus’ Wrath: He’s careful and calculating. She’s impulsive and beautiful. Together, they’re combustible
Dragon’s Fury: She wanted a way out at any cost. All he wanted was her.

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