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Millions of adoring fans dream of having one night with him, but only she has access to his heart. Born with three commas in his bank account and melodies in his veins, Marques Carter is the rising prince of R&B. But not even his family name can guarantees success. Brione Allen is a smart woman that made a dumb decision: trusting the wrong man. He blackmailed her family and now she’s bound by a debt they knew she couldn’t pay. A meeting leads to an encrypted proposal: One week, one hundred thousand dollars, one incriminating secret. But when extortion and family ties expose them to the worst of the limelight, which secrets will they keep…and which will threaten their small light of hope?

There are plenty of reasons why it’ll never work. He’s too old for me.  We’re from different worlds. Sophisticated, wealthy men don’t fall for big-boned, blue-collar gals. But Ethan Boss insists none of that matters. The possessive alpha says I’m the only woman he wants in his bed and his life. I’m in way over my head, but the sexy businessman won’t rest until he has my heart.

This is why I wanted to try and resist the hot maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding… That one hook-up led to one huge decision. And then a complication that neither of us were prepared for. Look, I’m a single dad and raising an 11-year-old is not easy. Lizzie came into my life at a time when I needed her. When my daughter needed her. Yes, it was tough to keep my hands off her gorgeous curves. And it was even harder to ask her to be my fake wife. But it’s what I had to do. Besides, the way Lizzie squirms under me has me going crazy. I’m aware that I’ve created one hell of a mess. But a part of me feels that this mess is worth the trouble. Especially if it leads to my fake wife turning into a real one…

Working for one of the richest, and most controlling men to ever grace the cover of Forbes, I should have known my smart mouth would get me in trouble. I just didn’t know how much, once I caught the billionaire’s eye. West St. Vincent: It was lust at first sight for me, and hate at first sight for her, but that was OK. I could work with hate. The sight of Angel De Marco creeping about my kitchen shocked me from the numb haze I’d fallen into for years. She was impertinent, outspoken… mine… from the moment I laid eyes on her. She just didn’t know it yet. She’s too young for me. Too innocent. Too honest. Too good. I don’t care. She’s mine. Angel: The first thing I learned about West St. Vincent, was the size of protection he used. Extra extra large, if you’re curious. I also learned that he usually dated willowy blondes with a surgery face, vapid expressions, and a vomit-worthy tendency to simper at his feet. My name is Angel DeMarco, and I’ve never simpered. A simple fact that’s about to get me in a whole lot of trouble.

Personal assistant Wendy Davila is in love with her bad boy boss, Halden Armstrong, A-list star of the Apollo superhero film franchise. But she can’t compete with the succession of stick-thin blond beauties he’s caught and released. Or can she? When Halden asks Wendy to accompany him on a fishing trip to Muskoka, it’s her chance to remake her dark-haired, curvy Latina self into his ideal woman and cast her hook for Halden. Halden has been burned by love. The last thing he wants is a woman like his ex who faked it until she landed him. Wendy is special, and the private trip is an opportunity to explore his feelings for her. However, the Greek god has an Achilles’ heel. Can he trust Wendy with a secret that could ruin his career? And will she still care for him when she learns the truth? When Apollo falls off his pedestal, Wendy must decide if the man she adores is a keeper.

Denica Veles has spent more than a decade hunting down the undead as a vampire slayer. The dragon shifter never expected to meet her fated mate while out on a bounty, but there was no denying Trey Kaplan was meant to be hers. She mated and marked the head enforcer of the tiger streak who she’d come to help the same night they met. Denica was no damsel in distress. She had the experience fighting against vampires that Trey didn’t. But he’d stay by her side every step of the way. Nothing was going to take his new mate away from him now that he’d found her.

Can the beauty win over the heart of the beast? Bela Andrews is the three Ts—too tempting, too innocent, and way too damn young. Which makes Cherry Falls’ newest member forbidden to a man with a dark, gritty past like mine. I’ve had a hot case of lust for Bela from the second she arrived in my small town, but she’s everything I’m not and I fear if I get too close my darkness will steal her light. And her dreams. So, I’ll stay away. Watch from a distance for as long as I can. As a Cherry Falls Fire Chief, I’m paid to stay in control and protect the people around me. Until Bela I’ve never had an issue. But her beauty and inner light is as soul-gripping as our small town and I fantasize about her sweet body round with my baby and her wearing my ring. When she starts using words like forever and family I falter. And that concrete control I’m known for cracks wide open. I started out with good intentions, but now that I’ve had a taste of those forbidden lips and those tempting curves, there will be no going back. I’m addicted and I’m going to devour her one lick at a time.

Traveling to Italy for business sounded like a dream. Three glorious weeks of sightseeing and sampling the local nightlife. Matteo Russo caught my attention from the start. We met at a crowded nightclub. The gorgeous older man sauntered over, plied me with liquor, and whispered illicit invitations in my ear. It’s no surprise we ended up naked and horizontal in his bed. The next morning, I made my graceful exit with a kiss, convinced it would be the last time we saw each other. Imagine my shock when he popped up at the office. Turns out he’s the guy that’s trying to ruin my family’s business. My job was to use whatever tools in my arsenal to force him to capitulate. A Roman conquered my heart. But secrets threatened to destroy us forever. 

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