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Most people consider Mackinac Island a paradise that harkens back to a genteel bygone era. But for Byrony Long, paradise turns into a nightmare when her half-sister Jessica is found dead near Mackinac’s Grand Hotel. Convinced Jessica was murdered, Byrony hires private investigator Tate Madison to help her find the truth. But the more secrets they uncover, the higher the danger mounts around them. With the killer poised to strike again, will Byrony or Tate be the next victim?

She was no one, but he kissed her like she was everything. And she would be. Abriya hates her life. She has no parents, she’s bullied at school for being different, and she has an unrelenting crush on someone that has no hope of becoming anything more than just that. Or so she thinks… A secret revealed on a death bed leaves her completely alone in the world soon after, but it also sucks her into an unknown one, full of fated mates, fights, lies, magic, and flaming, intense passion she never could’ve imagined existed. But more importantly, after being made to believe she was worthless her entire life, it soon becomes quite clear that Abriya is someone special. And so is her mate. Thrust into a new life with no way to escape, she has to work through her issues to become the woman she was born to be. But it won’t be easy, especially when she learns that she won’t only have to deal with her own thoughts and feelings rushing through her, but someone else’s, too… What if you could be connected to someone so deeply, you could feel them, be inside their mind, hear their every waking thought?

Jump into the James Pack Wolves to find out.(Read the full blurb on Amazon)

When a younger man dares her out of her comfort zone, it’s hard to say no. Caught in the rain and forced to seek refuge, Billie finds herself face to face with her ex and the twenty-something woman who took her place. Needing to save face, she takes solace in the company of the man beside her. He’s younger, more beautiful than Billie can stand, and he understands what heartbreak can do to a person. He listens. He flirts. And when Billie is least expecting it, he kisses her… Is this the start of something new? Or just a chance to get even with her cheating ex? 

I’ve Never Been With A Man Before. My name is Sammy and it took me a long time to come out. I figured that dates would come by a lot easier when I did, but the opposite was true. I searched through the dating apps in the search of hot guys, when a guardian angel appeared in the guise of my bartender; Ron. Ron was an older man, confident, and knew what he was doing. I trusted him to help me meet some guys in town. But it wasn’t long before things got complicated. I didn’t know if I could be the man Ron thought I could be. I thought I was failing. Then I realized that he had feelings for me. Should my first time be with him?

For seventeen years I’d lived in Adalita, Pennsylvania, a town that took pleasure in my torment and refused to leave me as anything but broken. Four months ago, I left. I’d driven thirteen hours to Everlee Falls,  Georgia, to live with my Gamma for senior year. I’d moved to give myself the chance to fall in love with a life that I’d missed out on for far too long. I’d expected to find hope, I’d hoped to find freedom, but I’d never expected him. I was too damaged to recognize the beginning. But all it took was a moment, and he was positive he’d invade every one of mine.  If I pushed, he pulled. If I ran, he followed. I was his fate. Meekai was my north star. I was what he chose to remember. He was a goodbye my soul refused to forget.

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