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Rekker wasn’t expecting to be matched. On the eve of being sent to retrieve a mysterious artifact, he’s sent something just as enigmatic. A human woman, lush and curved. His mate. Even worse, she wants nothing to do with him. His blood burns for her, but the need to make her happy overrides everything. He’ll find a way to set her free, even if it means he’ll be alone. Forever. But when danger comes from an unexpected source, they’re thrown together. And when his mate turns to him, he’ll protect her. Keep her. Claim her. Lila Kanes never wanted any thing but a quiet life on her family farm. She certainly didn’t want to be claimed by a massive alien mate.  Thrown into the stars, she’ll do whatever it takes to find a way home. Back to Earth. Back to her family. She couldn’t possibly want to stay with the hot, horned alien with the amazing body, who made her feel like the most precious thing in the universe, could she? Right?

I need someone to help me stick it to my ex. A fake fiancée will do the trick, and this woman is gorgeous. My ex-wife cheated on me and now is marrying the bastard. And I have to attend the wedding for my daughter’s sake. Well, I’m going armed with hotness. Nothing like pretending your life is together. We might have pretended a little too well. The crazy part? She’s not from the escort service that a buddy set me up with. She owns the service. And she’s pulling out all the stops. I’m not sure who’s more convinced about her affections, my ex or me. Needless to say, she’s willing to pretend to be mine. The only question is, can I keep her when it’s all over? I plan to work like hell to make that happen.

Can you call someone an enemy if you haven’t seen them for the better part of a decade? Deacon Black is perfectly content with the status quo—work, sleep, repeat. Who cares if he’s rigid, structured, and set in his ways? It’s a job requirement that keeps his men safe and his company’s doors open. One phone call is all it takes to upend his life and land him right back into a past he has tried to forget. Revisiting old ghosts is the last thing he needs. Especially when the forced trip down memory lane includes the only woman he never wanted to see again. Annalise Grimaldi hit the jackpot with her life—from her trust fund to her best friend, she has it all. But her world comes crashing to a halt when her best friend vanishes— leaving behind an apartment in tatters and more questions than answers. There’s only one person she can think of that can help in a situation like this. She hates to make the call, but there isn’t a thing she wouldn’t do to make sure her friend is found. Even setting aside her hatred for Deacon Black. 

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