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“They marked me for death, but he had other plans for me.” I risked everything for the story of my career. I took down a powerful man. Now his connected friends want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Their assassin, Ingram, lured me into a trap. Flew me to their island. Threw me in a cell. Covered up my disappearance. I’ll never escape on my own. In constant danger, punished and degraded at every turn, I have one chance to survive. Someone’s trying to kill Ingram. He needs my help to figure out who. But this is more than a quid pro quo. Submitting to Ingram awakens my darkest desires. His dominance satisfies my unmet cravings. He swears he’ll protect me, but no one crosses the Masters without paying the price…

They say librarians are old-fashioned. I’m anything but. As a 23-year-old woman I have my whole life ahead of me, and I’m in no rush to settle down. But my favorite patron of the Golden Creek Library has a different opinion … and at 72, Charles McArthur is hard to argue with. He wants to set me up with his grandson and I don’t have the heart to say no. When my date comes to my door, I am oh-so-glad I said yes. Chuck McArthur is a tall, dark, and handsome man who happens to love books as much as I do. He calls me Cookie, just like his gramps, and I’m more than eager for him to have a taste. Luckily for me, he likes a woman with some curves, and lucky for him, his dirty talk is quickly becoming my favorite sound. Best part? Chuck and I want the exact same thing: a no strings attached relationship, but when tragedy strikes, everything changes. I may like it when he talks wordy to me … but maybe I need more than talk. Maybe I need forever.

Christi Cabernet is happy to bring you her largest erotica bundle yet! This bundle of sexy stories will make your toes curl! They are written by authors who aren’t ashamed of their kinks, fetishes, predilections, or pasts and they want to share their wild imaginations with you! These stories include explicit content for women and men who are ready for some adventures! What are you waiting for? This’ll just be our little secret. These stories include: Interracial Encounters, Cuckolding wives, BDSM & Femdom stories, MMF Encounters, Cuckold Husbands Being Useful, Discipline and S/M, And much more!

She had nothing left to give. He risked it all to give her more. And now she’ll have to fight to keep it. Jacqueline spent her life as a fille de sang, blood girl, for Gerard Baudhuin. One night when her life was almost over, his son, Henri, declared his love and changed her into the thing she hated the most. Now as a vampire, she will travel to the new world with the other Filles du Roy, carrying everything she owned in a wooden box, the Americans called a casket. Now years later, the one she fears the most will seek her out and reclaim the one that got away. But she is not the same as she once was. Can she prove to herself that she is stronger than she knew in order to stand up to the one person who could ruin her life?

Fake vows… but real love. I’m an ex-con and resident of Sin City. Living here, I’ve seen a lot. But nothing ever prepared me for being recruited by the FBI in exchange for staying out of a set of handcuffs. Nor did I see a fake marriage to Special Agent Cillian Callahan—uber alpha and way-too-sinfully gorgeous. But the honeymoon felt all too real. Nothing fake about the heat we generated. Cashing in my V-card was a nice exchange. Win-win, right? So I thought. Once the assignment was over, the wedding rings came off. But surprise. Life loves giving little gifts and I didn’t get to walk away from our deal scot-free. Since the wedding was fake, I saw no need to share the news. But now Cillian is back with his own news. He wants to turn our make-believe love story into a real-life fairytale. But are the stakes too high? It’s not only me I have to watch out for now. Can fake love turn real?

Dane Edwards thought he’d be in town for less than two days. It was supposed to be a quick business trip to help a friend decide if a club was a good investment. Then he spots the blonde bombshell behind the bar, and all his plans fly out the window. It’s always been easy for Addilyn Johnson to tell customers no. Dating guys from the bar is something she’s never been tempted to do. Until Dane. With a little nudge in his direction from a bachelorette, she finds herself saying yes… and winds up with more than she bargained for!

It’s Vegas, Baby: When Andrew Lennox spotted Autumn standing at the registration desk of his Las Vegas hotel, she was instantly his obsession. With Autumn leaving to spend a year abroad, their time was limited. But Drew was determined to use every second convincing Autumn of what he already knew. She was his. And no matter how long she was gone or how far away, that would never change. Bet Me, Baby: As a professional poker player, Lia Carrington is used to taking risks…except when it comes to men. From the moment Becket Parker spotted the gorgeous gambler at his table, he knew she was meant to be his. Now he’s just got to convince her that he’s a bet worth taking. Rock-a-Bye, Baby: She’s meant to be his. Griffith Thorne knows it as soon as he spots the raven-haired beauty in the audience of his final Vegas show. Belle Dawson sees the way he looks at her and feels it in her bones. She throws caution to the wind and heads up to the sexy rock god’s suite. But can there be more for these two when he’s flying out of her life the next morning?

One football player. One personal assistant turned nanny. Too much tension to mention. Paxton: I was used to women coming and going in my life, but when a baby I never knew existed landed in my lap, I turned to the one woman I could always count on. For more than a year, Avery has run every aspect of my life seamlessly, with a poise and grace I’d never truly appreciated until I saw her holding my child. Before my eyes, she morphed from personal assistant extraordinaire to hot mama material and I needed her like never before. Avery: Like every other female who’d seen him, I was attracted to Paxton Gentry, my boss, the NFL player, who barely paid attention to me. When his ex left Molly with us, I knew they were a package deal and I’d never seen a more perfect package. Suddenly, the man who’d never noticed me wanted me to move in, care for his child, and seemed to be hinting at so much more.

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