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Lexi and Lucca are adjusting to parenthood with premature-born twins after their traumatic birth. With their son requiring a prolonged hospital stay, their pain is far from over. On the day of little Luciano’s chest x-ray, Lucca and Lexi believe they’ll be able to take the vulnerable twin home from hospital to start family life. Instead, they face excruciating agony and heart-wrenching despair. The worst trauma any parent should discover. Chaos erupts. An investigation begins. Lucca and Lexi fall apart. Is love enough to guide Lucca and Lexi through the toughest challenge they’ll ever experience? Will she ever be able to trust again? Will Lucca save himself from ruin? Can they find their Luce Eterna – eternal light during their darkest time?

It’s Vegas, Baby: When Andrew Lennox spotted Autumn standing at the registration desk of his Las Vegas hotel, she was instantly his obsession. With Autumn leaving to spend a year abroad, their time was limited. But Drew was determined to use every second convincing Autumn of what he already knew. She was his. And no matter how long she was gone or how far away, that would never change. Bet Me, Baby: As a professional poker player, Lia Carrington is used to taking risks…except when it comes to men. From the moment Becket Parker spotted the gorgeous gambler at his table, he knew she was meant to be his. Now he’s just got to convince her that he’s a bet worth taking. Rock-a-Bye, Baby: She’s meant to be his. Griffith Thorne knows it as soon as he spots the raven-haired beauty in the audience of his final Vegas show. Belle Dawson sees the way he looks at her and feels it in her bones. She throws caution to the wind and heads up to the sexy rock god’s suite. But can there be more for these two when he’s flying out of her life the next morning?

I didn’t know I was going to need someone to save me. Jurnie: When I ran up to the strange man in the bookstore, he seemed the safer option compared to the man who wouldn’t leave me alone. I had no idea I’d just wrapped my arms around Bonham Thompson from Pushing Daisies. More than that, I don’t know who Pushing Daisies are. I’d grown up sheltered after my sister made the biggest mistake my parents could dream of. They’d locked me down in response. Now I was just trying to get through college to get out from under their thumbs. But Bonham has me wanting to let go in ways I hadn’t dreamed of. The downside? He’s gone most of the time and women throw themselves at him. Can I trust being with someone who has the life Bonham does? Bonham: Jurnie needed me and I stepped up before I’d even known her name. Then we talked and she was the only woman I’d met recently that didn’t want something from me. I’m only home for a week and falling for her is a terrible idea. I’d be on the road for months at a time. She’s innocent and doesn’t understand (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Nola is divorced, and she just turned forty. She is very family-oriented and wanted to have a family of her own, but the universe had other plans for her. She moves back to the town where she was raised to help her sister take care of their mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Nola hopes for a family of her own, but it looks like it’s not in the cards, but she is still hoping to find love. Nola treats herself to a night at a five-star restaurant and hotel. She is looking to find someone to have a one-night stand with because it’s been years since she has had any attention from a man. That night at the hotel, she meets Duke. Duke is all about work. He’s very focused, and a set of rules drive his life. He isn’t looking for love or commitment. Duke is only interested in arrangements with career-driven women who are as busy as him. He wants casual and easy because his career comes first. Duke meets Nola at the hotel he has just purchased and is taken by surprise. He breaks his strict rules and enjoys a night with her, and he wants more. He is interested in a casual arrangement (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

In this world…being human is a death sentence. Surrounded by powerful and dangerous creatures, Emma relies on her demon master for his protection. She has spent her whole life trying to keep out of trouble and stay in his good graces. But when a freak accident causes her to stumble upon a restricted building, she makes a shocking discovery, a rare female wolf shifter. Determined to help the wolf shifter escape and find her pack, Emma is forced to flee the demon’s estate…all the while dreading the reaction of her demon master once he finds out. But he’s the least of her problems. She soon finds herself in the crosshairs of a less-than-grateful elite hellhound. Accused of crimes she didn’t commit and kidnapped by the infuriated hellhound, Emma’s only solace is in the fact that she’s immune to magic. But immunity to magic, as she finds out, can be both a blessing and a curse…

Binge read the alpha bad boy Callahan brothers trilogy! This box set includes all three books of the Dirty Second Chances series filled from cover to cover with sizzling romance and all the steam you can handle.

Book One: Going Deep: She’s the virgin and he’s the sexy alpha who can’t get enough… I don’t mind a knight in shining armor, when his pillow talk is dirty enough to make a hooker blush. But when my gorgeous, green-eyed one-night stand discovers my V-Card his protectiveness leaves me wondering if there could be more. Much more. He promises to go deep and teach me all there is to know about sex and when in Vegas…well, no one says no, right? And I get bonus points if it counts toward research. But when it comes to love, can an addictive flaming hot one-night fling become a forever thing?

 (Read the full blurb for books 2 & 3 on Amazon)

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