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I know I’m a Daddy’s girl. My family is oddly close, except for my kooky Aunt Betsy, whom I’ve only met a few times. She did a crystal reading on my 16th birthday, telling me that I’d fall in love with a wildly improbable man with a bent little finger, and green and gold eyes. Imagine my shock when her prediction came true! But I can’t let myself fall in love with Mason – he’s Dad’s boss and 14 years older. He’s cold but brilliant. Beautiful, but… I’m not the right woman for him. No matter that he seems instantly obsessed, and makes me his intern so that I’ll stay close. No matter that prickling sparks run up my spine every time he touches me. No amount of lust is worth risking Dad’s promotion… is it?

The moment I shifted; my life changed. After witnessing a traumatic event at a young age, nine-year-old Forrest shifted into her wolf form – and was unable to shift back. Years later and suffering at the hands of her malicious step-brothers, she stubbornly clings to the hope that she’ll turn back into the girl she once was. But when her magic returns at the moment she needs it most, Forrest is thrust back into the world of humans. There’s only one problem. Her pack is out to kill her. Struggling to learn how to walk and talk again, Forrest finds herself on the run from the cold-blooded shifter council. But hidden deep within her human form lies a secret – a powerful magic that has the potential to set her free. If only she can stay alive long enough to master it…

Workaholic businessman, Grant Price has two priorities – making money and succeeding his father as head of their family’s investment firm. Wall Street wizard Melody Mason holds the key to both. All she has to do is accept his job offer. Trouble is, she flat out refuses. With his coveted promotion on the line, Grant’s game plan is to do whatever it takes to change her mind. Melody has abandoned big business and her old pressure-cooker lifestyle in exchange for the serenity of small town living. There’s no way she’s accepting Grant’s proposal. But their instant attraction and off the charts chemistry can’t be denied. And soon Grant’s wondering if he is really offering the sexy recluse a job or his heart.

Amelia Flores was in Vegas for a bachelorette party when the bride dared her to kiss a stranger. The shy food blogger didn’t plan to follow through with her cousin’s challenge until she spotted Zack Parker. They’d never met before, but the attraction she felt toward him was explosive. It wasn’t every day a woman strolled up and gave Zack the best kiss of his life, but life as a single dad had taught the billionaire to recognize life’s bounties. It took a single touch of her lips for him to realize the mysterious beauty was meant to be his. Now he was going to pull out all the stops to make her his wife.

Fake vows… but real love. I’m an ex-con and resident of Sin City. Living here, I’ve seen a lot. But nothing ever prepared me for being recruited by the FBI in exchange for staying out of a set of handcuffs. Nor did I see a fake marriage to Special Agent Cillian Callahan—uber alpha and way-too-sinfully gorgeous. But the honeymoon felt all too real. Nothing fake about the heat we generated. Cashing in my V-card was a nice exchange. Win-win, right? So I thought. Once the assignment was over, the wedding rings came off. But surprise. Life loves giving little gifts and I didn’t get to walk away from our deal scot-free. Since the wedding was fake, I saw no need to share the news. But now Cillian is back with his  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Kitty Stone wants nothing more than to escape from her family obligations and the Society gossips revelling in the scandal of the duke abandoning her to elope with her younger sister. Jack Whitaker is at his cousin’s estate recuperating from his war injuries, but is eager to return to the battlefield. Can a pair of quarrelsome misfits with nothing in common but the desire to leave Charsley Hall overcome their differences when cupid’s arrows seem pointed in their direction?

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