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A cabin in the woods… filled with memories of death. As a child, Seabring Roberts was kidnapped and held captive in a cabin with her younger brother, Andrew, while her father was forced to sabotage a crucial military jet engine project. He paid for it with his life but managed to set free only one child. At the time, Seabring could only hear her father’s voice, pleading for the life of his children. As an adult, another voice enters her world—survivor’s guilt. The perpetrators were never found, but her father’s memory and treachery are well-documented. The Air Force Special Investigations team gave up searching for the perps ten years ago. Seabring never did. And the players hiding in the shadows for (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Get lost in the dark, dangerous, and delicious world of The Carneys. Join Boston’s richest crime family as they build the glittering Trinity casino and destroy their enemies along the way. The Carney men aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty as they claim the women they desire.  Finn, Patrick and Giovanni will leave you aching for more. The collection features: Rake, Grift, & Wild Card.Rake: Finn will stop at nothing to protect his family, and that includes taking down naive-yet-determined union organizer Sasha. But when this innocent beauty brings Boston’s smartest playboy to his knees, can this enemies-to-lovers pair find their way to lasting redemption? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Billionaire Liam Grey needed a change of pace, so he left his company in capable hands to take a teaching job in the United States. He had a gut feeling something was waiting there for him. Little did he know it was actually a someone—London Kennedy, the college student he fell for at first glance. London was too young for him, and the university had a strict policy against student/teacher relationships. But London was the only woman he’d ever love, and Liam would break any rule to have her.

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The Convenient Arrangements series tells the stories of ladies who manage to find love and a Happy Ever After amidst some difficult situations! A Broken Betrothal: Two nobles, destined to marry yet at each other’s throats. Can they reconcile their differences? When Lord Pendleton loses his brother, his entire world changes. Inheriting the title of Marquess of Leicestershire, he soon finds himself surrounded by nobles and sought-after by their daughters. He becomes determined to make a name for himself – and not be seen as a rogue like his late brother. Lady Augusta is destined to be married to Lord Leicestershire in a rigid, business-like agreement. Hating her father at first for not letting her choose her own husband, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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She was supposed to rescue strays, not become one. Brook had her life together. For six years, she checked off all the right boxes: beautiful home, middle class life, and a dream job managing an animal rescue. She had worked hard to reach those pillars of success, but there was one thing she didn’t plan for. Her husband’s temper. She thought no one noticed, but her latest court-appointed volunteer didn’t miss the bruise on her arm. Ryder knew something was up, and he wouldn’t rest until the beautiful woman with a heart big enough for every dog in the shelter had her own happy ending. Those were what he specialized in, after all. He just had to remind himself that he wasn’t a hero. This was no different than rescuing (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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John Verner broke his childhood sweetheart’s heart eight years ago. Joan’s back in Vineyard Springs, but she’s going to avoid John at all costs. John knows he should never have let her leave town, broken hearted. He wishes he could go back in time and change everything. Instead, he’s had to deal with the fact that he hurt her and never made things right, so when he hears she’s back in town, he decides he finally has a chance to make it all up to her… if she’ll let him. Joan’s not about to let John back into her life. Vineyard Springs offers her the chance to heal herself of the bad memories that caused her to leave and gain some good ones. She’s set to travel to a different continent soon anyway, so a little trip back home can’t (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Seth Bashar carries the weight of the shifter world on his shoulders as the head of their council. Or at least it’s felt that way ever since he attempted the impossible—uniting witches and shifters. As he tries to maintain the delicate balance, finding his fated mate is more vital than ever. Jane Smith has no responsibilities to anyone but herself. Finally. She’s more than happy to fade into the woodwork. But when her favorite customer insists on setting her up on a blind date, she reluctantly agrees. It was only supposed to be a harmless night of fun… until it was more. Until he was everything.

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Sally To the outside world, this city girl has it all: her own business, an upscale condo, plenty of money in the bank. After losing her mother to cancer, she’s lonely and longing for a family. A deathbed confession and a violent attack cause her to run from the only life she knows.  Nolan To the outside world, this country boy has it all: his own business, the pleasures of small-town living, plenty of money in the bank. After losing his wife to cancer, he’s lonely and longing to love again, but his feet are firmly planted in the town his ancestors founded. Sally is city; Nolan is country. The only thing they have in common is losing someone they love to cancer, but is that enough to build a relationship? Can these two opposites overcome their differences and become one? 

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Destiny is what happens when dreams collide with reality. I’ve made a name for myself as a world famous lingerie model. I’m rich and powerful now. Not too bad for a girl from small town Texas. All I really wanted was to become so beautiful that Luke, my teenage crush, would fall at my feet. But thirteen years is a long time. Long enough for this little girl to grow up and glue back together the pieces that were chipped away as a child. Plenty of time for me to figure out that love isn’t made of fairy tales and high school crushes who didn’t even know I existed. Maybe it’s even long enough for me to realize what’s staring at me through my best friend’s eyes – even as I try to say we’re just business partners. Then Gran dies. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)