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This Box Set Contains the following previously published titles: Target, Ransom, & Hostage. From Nothing to Having a Fierce, Loving Family. The Triad and The Couple. The Triad: Once she had nothing. Now, Charlotte is living with her two husbands: Michael, her ‘Golden Lover’ and James, her Master. And she is expecting James’ child. The Couple: Richard Haswell, Billionaire Dom, and Beth, once the hotel maid, now his wife, and also the ‘second wife’ of Michael.The Triad and the Couple are drawing ever closer in their polyamorous marriage. Charlotte’s father, the trafficker, slaver and ex-mercenary, Klempner, has reached an understanding with James. He will stay away and allow them to live their own lives. Life is close to perfect. What could possibly go wrong?


One witch. One spell. One chance. Was falling in love part of her plan? A young witch holds one last memory that echoes from her questionable past, but time is running out. If she is to reclaim her most important treasure from an unspeakable evil, caution must be swept aside.  She’s never been conventional, so why start now? Looking up from her jail cell floor, a bleary-eyed Shannon Conrad sees her future walk into the room.  A polished and street-savvy lawyer, beautiful Terra seems reluctant to help.  Drawn in by Shannon’s startling story, Terra finds herself meeting a group of friends that will stop at nothing to solve Shannon’s mystery. Conclave and Third Council witches are squaring off and life-altering choices must be (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Snakes on a Plane meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith… If you minus the snakes, and add one sexy werewolf. Nikki and Adam are newlyweds, flying through the silver skies, traveling to their honeymoon destination–or so it seemed on the surface. Secret agendas, and hidden plans, begin to unravel after chaos erupts on the plane. Nikki’s not willing to lose Adam over a flight plan gone wrong, and Adam is determined to risk it all for the love of his woman; revealing the beast that resides within. Can Nikki accept her new husband has hidden this side of himself? And what about her own secrets exposed? Will they even survive the flight long enough to find out, or have the honeymoon they really wanted? Find out in this tale of love, lies, a honeymoon, and a hijacking.