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What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there... Alec Rourke wasn’t going to waste a night out on the Strip, not even if his friends skipped their own co-ed bachelor-and-ette party. But he never expected to find a plus-one for their wedding—his new wife. And sometimes you find yourself married to a stranger... Alessia Valenti was having the worst day ever. Fired from her job. An eviction notice on her door. Her sister dragged her out to blow off some much-needed steam. Only she hadn’t planned on a stop at a wedding chapel with a hot hockey player.


He’s a fiery celebrity chef. And I freeze when the lights come up. Right after I’ve blown another audition, we meet. Dane Forest gets under my skin. He pushes all my buttons. He’s also my best friend’s crush, and he’s off-limits. I run into Dane on the street. I run into him at his restaurant. I run into him at a party. He taunts me. Feeds me. Pushes me to face my greatest fear. Dance is my life. I don’t want to give it up. And I don’t want to leave New York. Unless I make the cut soon, I will have no choice. Dancing with fire could be dangerous. It could also set me free.


 _From Nothing to Having a Fierce, Loving Family._ The Triad and The Couple- The Triad: Once she had nothing. Now, Charlotte is living with her two husbands: Michael, her ‘Golden Lover’ and James, her Master. And she is expecting James’ child. The Couple: Richard Haswell, Billionaire Dom, and Beth, once the hotel maid, now his wife, and also the ‘second wife’ of Michael. The Triad and the Couple are drawing ever closer in their polyamorous marriage. Charlotte’s father, the trafficker, slaver and ex-mercenary, Klempner, has reached an understanding with James. He will stay away and allow them to live their own lives. Life is close to perfect. What could possibly go wrong?