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Jackson is a sexy alpha male on the college hockey team and enjoys being a bachelor. He's not looking for a committed relationship but when he meets Olivia in a country bar, he is scrambling to make the night last longer than expected. Olivia's is always on the defensive with men. But her list of college experiences still has a box that hasn't been checked off. She's still waiting for her first boyfriend. Meeting Jackson has her sliding off her barstool and she decides there's no harm in a hot fling, she may never get this opportunity again. She'd love to have a boyfriend, but she'll take what she can get as graduation is right around the corner. Besides, Jackson is a jock, and surely, he has plenty of other girls lined up after (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Bored to Death. What has she to live for? Martha is jaded with life to the point of suicide. About to end it all, she encounters a stranger who takes her on a wild ride of passion, convincing her that she has something to live for. The first part of a BDSM, Master and Slave, Erotic Romance. Explicit Adult content. For mature readers only.


Gretta Goodson has it all, a lifestyle brand, a successful cooking show... money, parties, endorsements. But when she’s falsely accused of being a fake, she loses everything. Gretta needs to redeem her reputation to reclaim her life, and The Real Werewives of Colorado could be her ticket back to the big time. All she has to do is commit to a werewolf for the rest of her life. Oh, and have a baby. Saint Lovell never imagined he’d end up on a reality show, but when his pack’s land is threatened, this cowboy will do whatever it takes to save it. The alpha has thirty days to find his mate or he’ll lose the ranch and the fortune he’s worked so hard for. He’s not thrilled about doing it all on TV, but then he gets one look at Gretta and his wolf howls (Read the full blurb on Amazon)