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Lady Charity loves the Christmas season. But can she convince the Lord Benedict of the joys of the Christmas season? And perhaps find love along the way? Lady Charity is a little disappointed. With her older sisters now wed, it is her turn to experience London society but, unfortunately, she must attend during the winter, when it is quiet and a little less exciting. However, determined to do her best, she steps into a wintery London and into society. Guided by Lady Hayward, Charity finds herself rather delighted with society – all save for one particular gentleman who, for whatever reason, has never a kind word to say to anyone. Despite knowing she should step away, Charity finds herself quite intrigued by him, wondering what it might be that (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Sometimes the second time around is even better than the first... Cort Bellamy’s been avoiding his hometown of Crossroads, Georgia for too long. Who can blame him, when the small town is so thick with memories and everyone recalls that he let the love of his life slip away? However, his father’s summons for help on the family ranch can’t go unanswered much longer—and now he’s offering Cort a share. Returning to hard work is expected…but he never thought he’d see HER again. Joss Ellis hates returning to her hometown with her tail tucked, a failure in everyone’s eyes. Her aspirations of making a place for herself in the big city have left her defeated and more than a little depressed. But the minute she sees her rugged ex, (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Allegra Hale had no idea shifters existed when she headed off to college with her two best friends. Let alone that her campus was near a shifter town. But that all changed when she got into a crash and was rescued by Zeke Blakesley—the wolf shifter who insisted they belonged together. Zeke knew Allegra was his fated mate the moment he caught her scent. Now that he has found the woman who was born to be his, he’ll never let her go.

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Will they become more than colleagues this Christmas? Elise Matthews is having a bad day at work when she catches the attention of colleague Iain Kennedy. Though they've worked together for three years she didn't realise until now he's just the type of man she's been looking for. Christmas is not her favourite time of year but when Iain decides to take her in hand, will all that change? Top of His Naughty List is a 20,000 word festive reworking of the short story Elise in Wonderland which first appeared in the N.E.R.D anthology. It contains steamy scenes which include spankings. if such material offends, please do not buy this book.

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Childhood frenemies meet again… all grown up. Jeremias is still the same ol’ bully from her childhood. Well… he is taller, shoulders broader, muscles larger, and that mouth…oh that mouth! If only he didn’t have to open it… Zara is infuriating! She’s always arguing with him and trying to get a rise out of him… maybe he’s guilty of the same, but surely she started it! An encounter at a wedding changes their relationship forever, and when Zara winds up in trouble, he’s not about to stand down. Can he protect her when she needs him most? Will he be upset when he learns her secret? What happens when sparks fly between frenemies?


When it comes to second chances, he won’t take no for an answer. Kaoz Bellamy left Crossroads to ride the range. Upon his return, he finds his girlfriend gone—and she even took his custom beer tap. Worse than the fact he won’t be accessing his favorite brewski anytime soon is the realization she isn’t coming back. Did the big jerk of a cowboy actually think Brielle would wait around pining for him, when he didn’t give any indication how he felt about her? No amount of rope in the county could tie her to that man again. But after one look at him, she finds that old flame still burns hot, his hands are just as perfectly rough…and he can still light her on fire with his kisses. No matter how sexy and out of control their interludes are, Brielle will (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


It’s not easy coming up with a birthday surprise for the billionaire she’s crushing on — especially for a guy who’s been hiding such a mind-blowing secret! Thea Ferrell decides it’s now or never to make a play for the hunky executive vice president. He’s super-wonderful, super-gorgeous, and super-rich, which makes him the first guy to live up to every line item on her wish list. Her only fear is that he’s too good to be true. In her experience, the good guys are always already taken, so why is this one still single and available? Like most other people, Ford Merritt daydreams about candlelit dinners and star-studded walks on the beach with the perfect someone. But finding her has proven to be the biggest challenge of his life. He needs a woman who (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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The world ends, and everything is ripped apart, even fated mates... We had it all figured out with the world at our fingertips. Carver was ready to be alpha. I finally found my place in our pack. But a fever took the world by surprise and gave birth to Feral monsters. Everything we knew was gone, along with our bond when he chose the pack over me.Now I’m just trying to survive to protect the people I call family. I didn't ask to be their leader but I’ll be whoever they need me to be to keep them safe. When Carver comes out of nowhere and drops in the middle of my life with a horde of Ferals on his trail, it threatens my people and everything we’ve built.I give him one night but once I learn how wrong I am about the end of the world and our (Read the full blurb on Amazon)