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We are all monsters now....A dark family secret none within their bloodline can escape. Only feeling true peace in nature, Emma thrives in her career as an ecologist. Yet when she learns her uncle has been injured, and discharged from the hospital into the care of an unknown stranger, she puts her life on hold to rush to his side. She tracks them down to a log cabin built deep within the notoriously haunted Wychwood Forest. What big eyes you have... In the depths of the woodlands, Emma’s uncle reveals a dark family secret none within their bloodline can escape. His swoon-worthy caregiver, Conor, warns a malevolent shadow is coming for all of them.  She is their only hope to survive, if she can channel a side of herself, she never (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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When billionaire CEO Asher Davis speaks these words to me, I’m stunned. He’s rich as sin, and breathtakingly gorgeous. A tyrant by day, a playboy by night. I hate his triumphant grin, but his seductive gaze makes me shiver at the same time. And now he owns me. I’m a journalist and I’ve faked my identity to get access to the most exquisite parties often before - but he of all people has to be the one who catches me. My blessing in disguise: Asher needs a fake wife to close the biggest business deal of his career with a candidate who is running for president. So here’s my choice: Get sued, ruin my career, and go to jail… Or marry him for one year and pocket 5 Million Dollars. Easy, right? Well, so I thought. Because what starts as a (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


A deathbed promise, an accidental family, and a mail-order marriage… Isabella Hill signs a mail-order bride contract only hours before promising to raise a dying friend’s babe as her own. With her wedding date looming, there’s no time to contact her would-be groom by letter, so she decides to deliver the news of her change in circumstances in person — praying he won’t object to the idea of a ready-made family. Otherwise, she and her precious bundle might soon find themselves living in the streets. Tex Sullivan’s rebel younger brother forges Tex’s name on a mail-order bride contract, only days before Tex is supposed to marry the catch of the season. While he scrambles to set the scandal straight, he finds himself face-to-face with a (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Lincoln's sister was getting married and he was tired of the constant questions about settling down. Before the wedding, he conviced the bartender at his club to pretend to be his fiance for the weekend. When Allie's boss asked her to be his fiance for the weekend, she was thrilled. She'd always had a crush on him and couldn't believe her luck. But would the weekend end in heartache or a future she never expected. Enjoy this quick, sexy read with an HEA. Do not need to read the other Billionaire's Club books to read this.

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One night can change everything.

 One night with a stunning but mysterious beauty. Those were the terms of the corporate masked ball's annual charity auction. Of course, Daniel Trevant won: he was the boss, he was determined, and he always got what he wanted. But this time, what he wants isn't quite what he'd expected... his own personal assistant lurking behind the mask of a very sensual, mystery woman. 
Amber Cole knows how the corporate world treats beautiful women: as showpieces who are never taken seriously or given credit for their talents of the mind. Determined not to allow her looks to keep her from her goals, she's spent the past three years in Daniel's employ, hiding behind a disguise of unattractiveness even he (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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He kissed me. I slapped him. That's the last time I thought about Ethan. Now he’s back, and screw him—he isn't allowed to break my heart and then show up years later looking like July in a fireman’s calendar and ruining my chances at running the Black Alcove bar. Nope. I have plans and they don’t include him. I tried to forget her. I failed. The moment I saw Kelsey again I knew I was doomed. I have one task while I’m here, and having her one breath away makes me forget how to be the responsible man I’ve worked so hard to become.


They call me a football god. A legend in the making. After winning back-to-back championships with Baltimore, I shocked the world when I decided to take my talents elsewhere. But not just anywhere. Back to the town I despised growing up. Because that’s where she is. The girl who stole my heart when we were kids. She’s all grown up and more beautiful than ever, living her best life as a popular sports reporter. I hate her for what she did to me. She didn’t just break my heart. She crushed it beneath her sneakered foot and burned it to ashes. She wrecked me. But I’m still not over her. I can have any woman I want with a crook of my finger. I want her. Only her. Call me crazy. Call me obsessed. Both would apply. I blew up my whole (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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What happens when you get invited to a Halloween party full of Supernaturals? Total mayhem. After breaking up with my mooching boyfriend, I was ready to spend Halloween at home drowning my sorrows in a bottle of wine.That is, until my sexy neighbor, Trevor, invites me to an exclusive party.Like a fool, I turn him down, only to have second thoughts after he leaves. Shoving aside my anxiety at attending the party alone, I dig through my closet only to find a skimpy witch costume.With my goods on display and a bottle of wine for courage, I enter a fantastical world of demons, fairies, mermaids, and vampires.It all seems so real, but it can't be. Supernaturals only exist in movies. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. If I’m wrong, I may not leave this party alive.

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Innocence and naiveté make Amy a rare breed among exotic dancers. She does the job reluctantly... but there’s no hesitation when she meets a mesmerizing, sophisticated stranger while on holiday. Under his skilled hand, she’ll learn the depth of her own strength even as she surrenders to his masterful control. Successful businessman James avoids a dark past by hiding behind an enviable career and rigid control- over his business and pleasure. One night with blonde goddess Amy, however, and the blazing attraction that erupts between them throws his ordered black-and-white world into multiple shades of ecstasy. When innocence and experience collide, the volcanic explosion may burn everything in its path...including the couple’s fledgling love.

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*Secret Crush *Brother's Best Friend *Compromised. Three years ago, Lady Bethany Fitzwilliams' season in London was cut short when her father was killed in a duel. Shaken by the tragedy, she devotes herself to her grieving mother, sister, and brother and settles into a life of spinsterhood. Besides, no one can ever live up to "Chase" the Baron of Chaswick, who she’s secretly loved for most of her life - and also happens to be one of her brother’s closest friends. Aside from being the most beautiful man she’s ever known, Chase is charming, kind and all a woman could want. He'd never notice a girl like Bethany and so she'll suffer her unrequited love from afar. It ought to be enough. And it is. That is… until he has no choice but to notice her.