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I shouldn’t want her—but damn, I need her. As my best friend, she’s off limits, right?WRONG. After discovering her boyfriend’s cheating, Molly shows up at my doorstep broken and alone. She’s been my rock since my world collapsed, and now the tables are turned, it’s my turn to support her. But something’s changed, and how I’m feeling about her is against all the rules. She needs a shoulder to cry on; not another man to break her heart. Lucky for us, I’m not just a man. I’m HER man. She just doesn’t know it yet...


Every now and then, when all the planets are in proper alignment, fate smiles on one lone warrior. Hope: Earth is no longer able to support human life and trying to scratch out a meager existence is nearly impossible. Hope is reluctantly forced to sign up for the intergalactic brides program. Just as she’s getting desperate, she finds a tolerable species willing to purchase her contract. Because nothing is ever that easy, her ship is hit by raiders and Hope can’t keep her big mouth shut when their alien captors torment one of the younger women. Jettisoned into space, her one and only chance at survival is in the hands of a Draconian warrior. Larok: Larok is a lone sentinel, standing guard for his mother ship. When he comes across a frail (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


She's my sister's best friend. She thinks I've never noticed her. She couldn't be more wrong. Now I just need to prove it to her...before she says “I do.” You know that phrase “the one who got away”? Well, Brooklyn Tanner is mine. My worst mistake. My biggest regret. My one true love. But as much as I wish I could take back everything I’ve done to hurt her, the truth remains… I don’t deserve her. That doesn’t make our situation any easier, though. After all, she’s my sister’s best friend. Not to mention, she buried any animosity she held toward me and helped raise my two little girls when my ex split without a single glance back. But when I learn the man she’s been dating has proposed, I’m faced with a decision. Do I finally tell Brooklyn (Read the full blurb on Amazon)