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Emmie Brewster has a few choice words for whatever demon spreads the notion among women that life is over if you don't have everything locked down by the time you're 30. Its insidious message has gotten to her, because at mumble-mumble-mutter-something past that deadliest of deadlines, Emmie feels like she's about to turn into a turnip. Lousy job? Check. Although she's an interior designer, Emmie isn't allowed to do anything more at the studio than answer the phone and make coffee, thanks to her testy boss. Sketchy boyfriend? Double check. Kyle is perfectly content to treat their relationship like one long booty call. Neglectful family? Well, she'd love to confide in her dad... if she could catch him between his endless (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Jared “Mac” MacKenzie is used to making tough decisions as the President of the Silver Saints MC. When a member of a rival MC puts one of his brothers in a coma, he’ll do whatever it takes to get answers—including kidnapping Bridget Pierce, their president’s daughter.

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Janaya is a bodyguard on a mission. She must protect her Aunt Hinekiri from mercenaries and return to Dalcon in time to take her captain’s exam. A simple assignment for an officer of her caliber—except nothing goes as planned. Their spaceship crash-lands on Earth. No spare parts available. Big problem. Janaya is stuck on a tiny outpost called New Zealand. She’s going to bungle her promotion chances. And because she neglected to have her travel inoculations in her urgent hurry to protect her aunt, Janaya has bonded with an Earthman. Police officer Luke Morgan seeks a quiet life. No press. No nosy reporters. No women. Just lots of fishing and fresh country air. He doesn’t count on meeting a pair of aliens and a talking dog, or (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Trying not to fall victim to Italy’s hypnotic charm is Camille Beauchamp, an American photographer who has given herself one week of freedom in Italy before getting married in Paris. But Michael Valentino, a cynical New Yorker who’s searching for an Italian half-brother, is making it hard for Camille to concentrate on her French fiancé. Michael becomes bitterly attracted to Camille’s fussiness and her irritating laugh. Doubts about the nature of true love emerge for Camille and she begins to question the perfectly planned-out future she has imagined for herself. Meanwhile, Fabio Vitale, a meddlesome hotel clerk, convinces his colleague Cecilia to help him bring Michael and Camille together. Fabio offers to help Michael find his (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Carl Moss is the heir to the fortunes and is the CEO of a social media app that is wildly popular. He has been raised by his grandparents, Stuart and Louise who have been married for fifty-five years and made their fortune in real estate. Carl is bringing their fortunes into the new millennium. Carl works hard, but plays just as hard. Parties, strip clubs, anything. The only thing Carl likes more than women, is money. When Grandpa Stuart has a heart attack, he orders that Carl clean up his life, or Carl will be cut off totally from the family fortunes. Carl will allow that. He decides he will do whatever he can to keep the fortunes. Kitty Larson is fresh out of school with a mountain of debt and a sick father. She needs money, and she needs it fast.  She (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


His greatest fear is failing at love. Her only fear is falling for him. Mia: Four years...It’s how long it’s taken me to recover from a devastating break-up, one filled with lies, betrayals, and regrets. Yet the moment I see my ex-boyfriend’s protege, I’m right back where I started—falling for a rock star.I’ve spent my life around performers, and I know the best way to assist them. It's why I want to help Ayden’s band. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure he finds success, no matter the cost. The investment is worth it, even if my heart’s in jeopardy. Ayden: It's taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to land a contract for my band. If my ex-girlfriend hadn’t financially ruined me, we’d be in a better position. Instead, we're accepting a free (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Maybe if she'd known that running for her life would have changed her life for the better, she would have done it sooner... Riley: My momma always believed in fate, but I didn't believe until I met him. The sexy cowboy who'd found me hiding in his barn. A series of disastrous events led me to...him. He and his family took me in, protected me, and gave me the life I always wanted. But at what cost? Blaze: I didn't expect to find the beautiful blonde in my barn that morning. Or the intense rage I'd feel after seeing her bruises. At that moment she became mine. Mine to take care of. Mine to spoil. Mine to protect from anyone who intended her harm. Anyone. Come meet the small town of Rock Springs Texas with a family that has your (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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I’ve run from a nightmare into the custody of two kind and honorable men who ask me to trust them. Each vow to protect me from an evil man who will do anything to keep me under his thumb. One offers to marry me and give me permanent protection from the one who wants to hurt me. The other is a tempting passion I must ignore despite the pull between us. All three of us have no idea what the future holds... or how far a sick and twisted man will go to get back what is his. Trust Him is the first of three full-length novels following the love story of Madeline and Antosha, and contains sensitive topics.