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A concert. A superstar. A wayward girl. What could possibly go wrong? Saxton, the lead singer of Running Hearts, has one rule. Don’t. Do. Fans. But a chance meeting with Aimee Jonas smashes that rule to bits. Being knocked out by Dominic Saxton wasn’t part of Aimee’s game plan. She falls hard and fast, in more ways than one. Rockstar love is complicated. But guilty love is impossible. And in the end, they might be running hurt.

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Don’t you just love a good story that you can read in a couple of hours? If so, you’ll enjoy this special collection of short tales. From sweet to spicy, and contemporary to suspenseful, these sixteen Summer Short Stories will be sure to warm your heart and excite your spirit, helping you escape reality in a blaze of fun, drama, and romance. Sixteen popular NY Times & USA Today Bestselling authors have put together these delightful novellas to give you that spurt of entertainment you can often finish in one sitting. These Summertime stories will delight the romance lover until the sun sets in a blaze of glory.

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A sexy enemies to lovers second chance romance... Vance: Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Ember Bennett was mine. My nemesis. My downfall. And I never saw her coming. She didn't burst into my life, demanding to be noticed. Instead, she slipped in under the radar when I wasn't looking. Caught me off guard. I should've been paying better attention. Because now I want her. I need her. I crave her. I just can't have her. Ember: I was minding my own business when Vance Davenport showed up. Him and his bad boy persona, his earring, his attitude. I didn't like first. But over time, he burrowed under my skin and became something I never expected... Until it all changed. Then he became someone I wanted to forget.

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A six-book contemporary romantic suspense story collection, filled with instalove, second-chance romance, and LOTS of steam! In seedy Ridge City, the men of the ultra-hot Badge Bunnies series work hard to protect and serve. Join them as Vice Detective Dominic Black, SWAT Officer Rhys Hartley, Auto Theft Detective Saint Rivers, Undercover Patrol Officer Gunner Hansen, Patrol Officer Jaxson Rivers, and Homicide Detective Luca Romano fight crime and find love with five feisty, spirited, tough, and beautiful curvy women! All six steamy stories that make up the Badge Bunnies series—Dominic, Rhys, Saint, Gunner, Jaxson, and Luca—are together in this collection, so fill your nights with the steamy stories of the good Bad Boys of Ridge City PD!

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Marly loves anything old, so what starts out as a hobby, turns into a business. Since she’s a treasure diver in her spare time, she’s thrilled when the opportunity arises to run a store in the historical seaside town of Wishful Harbor. Liam is a third-generation owner of the Wishful Harbor marina. He is interested in knowing more about the new resident of Wishful Harbor. They hit it off as friends almost immediately. When she hears the old tale of a shipwreck off the end of the lighthouse cape, she enlists Liam’s help to find the treasure, although he’s not a fan of taking her to the wreck. When her old boyfriend gets wind of it, he shows up wanting to take what she’s trying to find. Together, Marley and Liam work to find the treasure, along with Liam’s (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Fear holds her back until she finds herself in control in the bedroom... Sabine was once a traumatized teen with a horrible past. Those who were supposed to protect her failed, and she is now a broken girl living in an even more broken world. The only thing she has is that she is good at everything. Well, almost everything... Sabine longs to be loved but does not believe she deserves such a thing, not until she begins to discover something inside of her she never knew was there. A dominant woman who might be able to please a young woman in a way she has always longed for. Find out if this is love or more destruction in the first book of this BDSM, female dom series.


What happens when a book blogger accidentally publishes her digital diary online? A viral shitstorm, that's what. No way did I want thousands of subscribers to read my confessions—yet, that's precisely what went down last night after four too many Cosmos with my girls. Now, Damage Control is my new middle name because my diary confessional has my roommate, Lucas Stone, written all over it. Literally. I've been in love with him forever—well, ever since I saw him sprint across campus naked during our first year of college. And now that Lucas knows how I feel about him? Well, things are destined to get awkward. Because Lucas Stone, my BFF—the man who sleeps only one room over—just got engaged. And his fiancée isn't me.

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The City Of Blood is dangerous, even for a vampire like me. And yet, I'm here undercover, trying to find the smoking gun we need to bring it down. But staying out of trouble isn't as easy as following the rules. Anyone can be snatched up and forced into the cage fights. Or worse, be executed at dawn. All you have to do is breath wrong. When I finally get a chance to join the resistance, I jump at the chance. Anything is better than the hell we're living. One wrong step, and lives will be lost... including my own. 

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Fall in love with the McAllisters of Seaview, Maine with plenty of sweet, sexy, and a dash of suspense. Resilient to the core, Maddy McAllister has worked hard to overcome a rough history. But, when her slimy ex comes back with plans to win her back, destroy the town, and bulldoze her father's fisheries business, she has to face her past head-on, and the stakes are much higher this time. No stranger to danger, former deep-sea diver Chase Anderson will be there for Maddy every step of the way - if she'll let him. Passion ignites when these two reunite and can no longer ignore the sparks between them.When Maddy’s past threatens to crush everything she cares about, her world is turned upside down. And, maybe that’s not a bad thing....

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Fin: Family means everything. Slotted to become CEO of his family’s tech company, he lives, breathes, and sweats family. But his commitments are crushing his hopes of starting his own family. Margot lights up all those ignored desires and unspoken dreams. She is what he wants—exactly what he needs. It’s not a matter of want. It’s a matter of who he lets down. Which ball will he drop if he decides he wants more from life than a job that is his life? Margot: Family means disappointment, broken hope, and reinforced insecurities. It’s not a sanctuary to seek, but a tie to break. Fin represents what family could mean. What it would be like to be loved despite her flaws. Her goals are tested when she desires to have more with a man she shouldn’t (Read the full blurb on Amazon)