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This woman has been driving me crazy for far too long. The way she looks, smells, laughs is killing me. I fell in love with my sister’s best friend. To top it all off, she’s brilliant. And I’m failing Chemistry. Of course, when I get her help, she’s laidback about it. Charming and helpful as always, like she doesn’t know how much I want her. I’ve got to play it cool and let her see a different side of me. Melt the ice-man I’ve been just to keep myself in check. She’s the woman I want in my life forever. Now to convince her of it…


Fueled with revenge and ruled by rage, werewolf shifter Julio Cordona has one goal: Find his brother's killer. But to do so he must step in as leader of an elite team of paranormal covert operatives hidden within the centuries-old walls of Haven, now Madrid's most exclusive club. Tasked with hunting otherworldlies set on bringing destruction to humans and paranormals alike, Julio and his team of dark warriors must hunt within the shadows. When a mysterious, sly raven-haired beauty shows up looking for a job, her intoxicating allure pulls him from the rage-filled darkness and brings out the protective wolf within, knocking his mission off course. Seraphina is out to uncover the truth behind her father's mysterious death. Her hunt (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Leo Winters is a dark, troubled soul. The Royal Bastards Enforcer’s life hasn’t been easy. His past has taught him that love no longer exists, At least not until he meets the curvy green-eyed vixen almost half his age. Instant attraction sparks a deep burn and a need he didn’t know existed. Fighting off her sexy, feisty attitude is only half the battle, And this Christmas his demons aren’t willing to back down. When December Falls arrives in Washington, she’s ready to start a new life. But bad choices and a fiery temper don’t help matters, Especially when she comes across the big, ill-tempered Enforcer. Leo is way more than she bargained for. The last thing December expects is to fall in love, Her past has been filled with heartache and broken (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Enchanted Quill Romance is thrilled to present this huge anthology of sweet romantic shorts guaranteed to warm your heart. This collection features 24 short stories about finding love while locked down in one place. It has a wide variety of all your favorite tropes including: Friends to lovers, Second chance, Insta-Love, Enemies to lovers, & Forbidden love. And so much more. Laugh, cry, sigh and swoon during this beautiful collection of short stories by sweet romance authors handpicked by Enchanted Quill Romance. This heart-stirring boxset is a limited edition, so pick it up now to avoid missing out.


How far will he go to save the only woman who can tame his inner beast? After witnessing the brutal murders of his family, dragon-shifter Logan Blake stumbles into the human realm injured and near death. His only goal is to heal and track down the fabled Blood Stone that can restore his dying realm. When a beautiful woman stops to render aid, he's unprepared for the instant bonding he feels to her. Her presence fuels an unquenchable desire and he knows he has to claim her. Bree Anderson's morning jog is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a sexy, injured man in the middle of Central Park. When he turns up days later at the bar she manages as her father's new bodyguard, she knows he's going to be a handful. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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She's Betting on Love and the Stakes are High. The "Crazy Eights," eight women who have been friends for 30 years, have a powerful connection yet rarely see each other. At a pivotal time in their lives, they create a way to remedy this predicament, an audacious dare contrived to bring them together for weddings – each participant must get married within twelve months. The stakes are high. Win the bet and lose your heart; or lose the bet and perform a personally mortifying task.In the first of their stories, we meet Eliana, beautiful and brilliant, but starting over, focused on her career, not on some foolhardy dare. Longing for a family but recently divorced and on her own, Eliana sets her sights on a new job, a new home and accepting her (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Talia hadn’t planned on dying today. But accidentally defying the Supernatural Council isn’t exactly a wise life plan. When she did her duty and touched a bloody knife to determine guilt or innocence, her vision seemed... off. So was Councilman Gideon’s rush to declare a shivering child guilty of murder. Now, Talia’s trying to lose herself in the West Virginia mountains with the child in tow. And the mercenary on their tail has an uncanny ability to find them, no matter how far they run.Kirin’s dragon-shifter senses make him the most sought-after bounty hunter in these parts. But something about this job smells...wrong. And when he finally gets his hands on the fugitive, he gets the surprise of his nearly 300-year life. The fragile, determined (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Dalton: The thing about love… It’s kind & beautiful, soft & hard, forgiving & emotional, but love can also be blind. Love can twist and turn you into someone unrecognizable. That’s the way it was for Josie and me. She became my everything. I fell heart over mind, allowing her to take the only thing that I could call my own. The life I envisioned for us was blurred by secrets, hard to overcome. She made me question whether what we had was based on truth or a lie. Joselyn: Dalton was an obstacle in the way of what I’d always shied away from, and the only way to reach my end was through him. So, I made a choice to get close to him, even when I shouldn’t have. We were never meant to be what we became. I didn’t intend for something (Read the full blurb on Amazon)