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Anger and lies can lead to destruction, but passion and control can lead to love. Harrison: I met my soul mate, but she belongs to someone else. Every fiber of my being screams she belongs to me. He saved her, but he doesn't deserve her. If I'm being honest, neither do I. Brooklyn: I didn't know I was settling until he showed me what I was missing. He promised to maintain control, but I pushed him and he destroyed us both. Now I know what I need, but am I what he wants. Harrison's anger and Brooklyn's lies push them both toward destruction. Can passion and control SALVAGE their love?

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Harper: Big boots, hard-muscled, strong arms and a deliciously thick… you know what I mean. Boone Urban is the big star of my dreams pretty much since I knew the power of a big O. He's also the biggest cowboy in Texas and the hardest to talk sense into. He's always riding me hard about college. But I have other plans on how I want to spend summer and they start with being between his sheets and end with my godfather's brother teaching me how to ride a cowboy, save a horse. Boone: She's my addiction, my curse, my angel. She's also my brother's goddaughter. Talk about off-limits in every way. Too young, too innocent (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Riley: Unlike my momma, I never believed in fate. When a series of disastrous events caused me to run for my life, I went in search of sanctuary... not a hero. But when the sexy cowboy sauntered over to where I was hunkering in his barn, I took one look and found myself in the mood for a bareback ride. He proved chivalry wasn’t dead by taking me in and vowing to protect me. Still, I live in fear that my past will follow me here. The farm gates may hold in bulls, but they won’t keep out the danger stalking me. Blaze: Of all the critters I’ve found in the barn, a curvy blonde with sparkling eyes was by far the most appealing. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Griffin Stone isn’t known for his patience, but he manages to endure the three months until Avery Rose’s eighteenth birthday to pursue her. The hot teacher has a plan… Step 1: Get close to Avery by replacing her set teacher. Step 2: Make the gorgeous young actress fall for him—just like he’d done with her at first sight from across the studio lot. Step 3: Teach her the most important lesson of all—that she belongs with him. Warning: The sweet story might be short, but it has plenty of sexiness and an alpha male who will do whatever it takes to get his woman.

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Zoe Elliot has resisted Landon Heath’s advances, only because he’s her boss and she needs her job to keep her work visa. But when she’s in danger of being deported, she agrees to his crazy suggestion of getting married… temporarily, of course. Landon wants the beautiful Canadian for his own, and he’s not above using her situation to tie her to him—permanently. He knows he has to move quickly, before she realizes they’re not-so temporarily married.


 Small-town lawyer Karen O’Connell believes that all of her clients who have found themselves recklessly embroiled in scandal and trouble have done so foolishly because of love. She has heard far too many times that the heart wants what it wants.

 But one night, Karen receives a call from Jack Curtis, her vengeful ex-husband, whom she’s never told anyone in her family about. He’s found himself in a world of trouble, arrested and in jail, charged with murder.

 He says he’s innocent, and he needs her help. 

Her first response is to say no, but Karen knows Jack isn’t the kind of guy to ask for help from anyone, especially not from the (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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The Boys are Back in Town.... Two Friends... One Week... One Virgin... It was all supposed to be about sex... A bit of fun... No-one mentioned love.
A BDSM, Ménage Erotic Romance.

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Eighteen years is a long time to never forget... Retired Navy SEAL Oswald “Oz” Morgon assembled an elite team of men with skills far surpassing those of ordinary bodyguards. To save and protect is a creed that goes beyond simply guarding their wards—it’s a way of life. And these guys are his heart and soul, his brothers…and the family he’ll never have. Now, his next call is to find the one woman who always had a grip on his heart. A decade ago, he walked away from her. But she’s thrown back into his arms—and under his protection. As a JAG Corps Officer, Rose Kilbourn never expected to be kidnapped for doing her job.  (Read the full blurb on Amazon)