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Our big-city Texan girl has no idea what to do with two small-town best friends who like to share almost everything. Including their women. Alaska is wild and so is our love for Savage Ridge's new teacher. One night is all Zahara asked for, but two months later we're still burning up the sheets and chasing the Alaskan midnight sun to bed. Raven-haired, beautiful, stubborn…and all ours as long as she remains on our mountain. One taste of those sassy, sweet lips and both me and my best friend want more. More of her, her delicious curvy body and beautiful soul. Rough mountain search and rescue men like us should have walked away from the soft virgin school teacher, but Zahara didn't come to a place (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Adrian Clarke quickly discovered there were drawbacks to playing the hero from the bestselling romance trilogy of all time. It was difficult to have any privacy when everyone knew who you were. Casey Smythe knew nothing about Hollywood heartthrobs or celebrity gossip. The beautiful college student had plenty of other things to keep her busy, including the dogs she was paid to play with in the park. Little did she know, the handsome man she tried to get fired after he swore at one of her favorite dogs wasn’t a dog walker at all. He was Hollywood’s newest sensation and Duke’s owner. And now his sights were set on the one woman who couldn’t care less about his fame.

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The last place Vaughn Westbrook expected to find himself was at a charity gala. But the dark path he’s walked since his discharge from the military led him into the upper echelons of society—where he hunts for the man behind a human trafficking ring. Carissa Hastings lived a sheltered life in the lap of luxury. Forced to participate in a bachelorette auction, her parents expect the man of their choice to win a date with her. Vaughn’s winning bid on Carissa was a tactical move, but logic is thrown out the window when he meets the innocent beauty. Vaughn sold his soul long ago. There’s no way he’s going to let Carissa do the same.

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The celebrity’s bodyguard is supposed to protect her…not fall for her. Hollywood sweetheart Scarlett Ryder is thrilled to be back in Crystal Springs for her new film – even if Luke, her handsome new bodyguard, is driving her crazy. But as they grow closer, she can’t help wondering if there’s more between them than a simple contract…or will her stalker ruin everything? Luke Abbott can’t believe he has to play bodyguard to spoiled princess Scarlett Ryder. He just wants to do his job, but she’s making it far more difficult than he anticipated. As he gets to know the woman behind the name, however, he vows not to let growing feelings distract him…especially when her life is in danger.


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Georgia Clay- Everybody in Nashville knows Georgia Clay. He's the handsome, award-winning songwriter rubbing elbows with the elite stars of country music. An incredible talent in his own right, Clay has always hesitated to step into the spotlight on his own for fear his debilitating childhood secret will rear its ugly head. Katie Parker is a workaholic Southern beauty who’s first love is her career. It’s not just her knowledge of the cut-throat insurance business she has skillfully navigated over the years, but her tenacity and gumption in climbing (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


During the day, at a centuries-old restaurant in the heart of the French Quarter, I serve tables. I am very good at it. At night, in the most exclusive venue in New Orleans, I cater to a different kind of appetite. At Club Sultry, I fulfill fantasies. I am great at it. But when I disappoint my Master, what will he demand of me as restitution? He is already in command, what else could he possibly want? One-click this novella today to find out what it takes for Mike to forgive Susan.

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1. Congratulate ex on his engagement. (check) 2. Use pretend boyfriend to help me regain my fearlessness so I don't look like such a loser. (check) 3. Document everything on social media. (check) 4. Try not to fall in love. (....) One day, changed Kami's life. The day she confused fearlessness with recklessness. And the consequences were dire. Consequences which filled the once care-free woman with nothing but fear. Six years later, after hearing about the engagement of her ex who left her because their life had become too boring, and the woman he replaced her with, Kami decides to get her mojo back.

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I hungered to be seen. There were three things I knew about Capo Macchiavello: He was gorgeous. He was reclusive. He was considered one of New York’s most savage animals. And he wanted me as his wife. A simple arrangement – you do for me, I do for you. Nothing owed, no expectations. Except for one: never leave. Life was never that simple, though. By the age of twenty-one, I was parentless, jobless, and homeless, and I had come to learn the hard way that nothing was ever free. Even kindness comes with strings. Capo might’ve been the only man to ever see me, but I had made a vow to myself: I would never owe anyone anything. Most of all, the man I called boss. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)