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Knox Dawson didn’t believe in love at first sight, at least not for himself. He watched as his sisters and several of his friends each fell fast and hard, confident it would never happen to him. Then he spotted Addilyn Cole on stage and realized how wrong he’d been. Addilyn jumped at the too-good-to-be-true offer to perform at the Lennox, but she never bargained on finding love during her first show there. When things go wrong the morning after their impulsive wedding night, Knox has to convince Addilyn she’s the woman he wants…forever.

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 Mr. James Alcott has carved out his place in the world with an esteemed position at Harrow School. But when the school changes direction, he’s set adrift. He can redeem himself by founding a scholarship program if he wins the annual Duke’s Trust competition for seed money. A seemingly simple task. Until a beautiful and mysterious competitor arouses his curiosity and leaves him speaking in iambic pentameter. Lady Tessa Harmsworth was denied a formal education by her father. Now she has fabricated the reclusive Mr. Pettibone as the champion of her scholarship fund to further the education of other women and girls. The deception is the (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Andria Huffton led a quiet life in Virginia Beach. No worries. No baggage. No problems. She left all of that, and her past, behind in Colorado. Enjoying her life with her sister, Suzy, close by, everything calmed down and she could finally feel what it meant to be free. At least until she received a letter from the corrections facility where her past had been locked up, broke out. Jax Masters finished his commitment to the military and the SEALs, but he knew he was not done with the fight. He found GAPS and joined their team. His first assignment was an attractive brunette who fought death, and survived. When Jax met Andria, what he loved became a (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Lisa Reynolds didn’t want much. A meaningful job, good friends and a man who loved her back—all of this as far away from her small hometown… and her mother as possible. But when her father’s accident forces her return, everything she avoided like the plague suddenly is in her future. …the small town …her mother …and Peter, the boy who didn’t love her back the first time. Peter Fisher came home to the Small Town of Moon Lake to settle down and serve the community. As a Navy SEAL, he’d had enough danger and excitement to last him a lifetime. Only his failed marriage doesn’t fit in his life plan… but neither does Lisa. Long suppressed feelings (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


 Celebrity heiress Legacy Hawking’s future has been planned for her—a high-profile government position, endless fame, and all the loneliness that comes with it. But the spotlight is strangling her and nothing has gone right since the lab accident that took her mom’s life. When she discovers the accident may have been murder, she shuns the weight of her family’s expectations and leaves to uncover the truth. Kole has kept a dark family secret for years. When his mom falls ill, he’s forced to become a spy at the lab in order to save her—even if it means cooperating with a dark plot to reinstate the original Rating system. He just never expected (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Following cancer treatment, Tommy Taggert loses his fiancée, his business, and his ability to father children. He ends up back at Squiggy Haven, a squirrel rescue run by his Grammy Joy; the one place he swore he’d never return. His first day back, he runs into Hazel, the love of his life who had broken his heart years before. Not wanting to disappoint her, Tommy keeps her at arm’s-length. But Hazel knows something that he doesn’t.