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Aurora Dawson loved helping happy couples have their perfect wedding and happily ever after. Even if she never found one for herself. When a divorce office opened shop right next to her, she was livid that someone would help tear apart the couples she brought together. But it was hard for her to stay angry at the charming, sexy lawyer when she found herself fighting an attraction like she’d never felt before. With all the families he’d seen torn apart because of marriages that never should have happened in the first place, Will Scott was a one and done kind of man. When the stunning owner of the wedding chapel came storming into his (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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I didn't have any interest in romance or happily ever after. I was perfectly happy observing from the sidelines. Then I saved her and all of that is thrown out the window. I fell hard and fast for Missy, but does she feel the same? Enjoy this quick and sexy ready with an HEA. You won't want to miss it!

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The moment magician Julian Storm saw Anna Chapel standing at the back of the theater during one of his rehearsals, he knew she was meant to be his. After spending a long month trying to hunt her down while she ran in the opposite direction, Julian resorted to kidnapping her off his stage during a disappearing act. Anna had zero interest in celebrities…until she met Julian. The sexy magician refused to let her ignore the chemistry between them, and he was determined to show her that fame meant nothing compared to her love.

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Fifteen years ago, pop idol Izzie Anderson betrayed Tristan. Childhood friend, boyfriend and lyricist, Tristan was the best thing that ever happened to her. He gave her haven amid a wild lifestyle she didn’t have the tools to resist. Still, her lies destroyed him. Yet she lied to protect him. Now she needs Tristan to save her son. Tristan Knight shifted careers and mended his life in a secluded beach in Brazil. The only place Izzie Anderson’s stardom didn’t haunt him. Opening a new restaurant kept his mind away from headlines detailing Izzie’s descent into the dark side of fame. Now she waltzes back into his life willing to make amends. Too bad for her (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Being an unmatched warlock serving as the head of a coven wasn't easy. The desire for a feminine touch to help preserve harmony among his witches made Warren Ainsley long for his fated consort more than usual. Then she finally showed up in the local diner. Only Opal Smith had no idea magic existed and didn't know what a consort was. Can Warren convince Opal that the magic between them is real?


Gary: One afternoon. One slip-up too many. And Tony kicked me out of his life. No way back. I promised I would never love another like I loved him. I lied.
Kenneth: When he stepped into my bar, I knew he meant trouble. Heartache followed Gary Winters wherever he roamed. You don't get to be the hottest guy in Hollywood if you're a saint. But I am no angel either. 

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Damn my luck. First summer home from college, I have to deal with the fallout of the bomb I dropped on my family the night before I left. First summer home from college, I have to face the realities of breaking my girlfriend's heart. First summer home from college, I meet the man of my dreams... And I don't know if it's legal.

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He's a gambler. She's a research scientist. They are oil and water. Braeden spends his time playing high stakes poker and manipulating the stock market. When he’s not making millions by the second, he’s wining and dining the prettiest girls in the city. One look at Cassandra and he must have her at all costs. She is nothing like the women he usually dates and she is not impressed with his money. But Braeden is a gambler by nature, which means he would do anything to win her … even staking a billion dollars on it.