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Emma has hit loves rock bottom. Damaged by lies and deceit, she has become the kind of woman she hates. After a chance reunion with her childhood crush, their sizzling chemistry offers Emma a chance at the type of pure love she dreamed about as a girl. Jaken Tanner is a star, from the most popular guy in school to the face of the NFL. He is a winner with sexy good looks and a heart of gold. Emma doesn't deserve someone like Jaken. She is used to being second choice, but Jaken treats her as number one. After she discovers he has secrets of his own; she vows to make it work, but when his past comes back to haunt them, she retreats into her self-destructive ways.

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Ariel Dawson didn't plan on getting a tattoo when she went to Ink Addiction with her sister. She was just there for moral support...definitely not to find an alpha caveman of her own. Maddox Holt had no qualms about putting his mark on Ariel right after he laid eyes on her. Because that's exactly what she was. His woman...even if they didn't have much in common.


Her Gilded Prison ~ She was determined to secure the succession, he was in it for the pleasure. Falling in love was not part of the arrangement. When dashing twenty-five-year-old Stephen Cranbourne arrives at the estate he will one day inherit, it's expected he will make a match with his beautiful second cousin, Araminta. But while proud, fiery Araminta and her shy, plain sister, Hetty, parade their very different charms before him, it's their mother, Sybil, a lonely and discarded wife, who evokes first his sympathy and then stokes his lustful fires. As Stephen introduces Sybil to every pleasure she's been deprived of, duty turns to a deep and mutual love. But with the unexpected arrival of a contender to the estate, Sybil realises (Read the full blurb on iBooks)

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Ivy: Christmas is the worst time to deliver bad news and I'm not leaving the warmth of my Texas apartment for the colds of Alaska because I love the snow. I'm surely not doing it for all the hot, plaid covered Alaskan alpha men with bulging muscles and possessive hands. In particular, one bar owner that takes hard muscles to a whole new level. But it sure doesn't hurt. A little holiday fun will help the news of me dropping out of med school to my sister a little easier. That’s a win-win in my book. Until my savage mountain man is forced to burst our happy little bubble when trouble finds us in the middle of a blizzard. Damon: Devious and deviant is how I feel when I first see her. MINE is all I can think. I'm too old (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


When a tragic accident steals my joy & my world on the magical holiday of Christmas, I’m left alone & have a hard time moving on.
 Four years later, all I want on the anniversary of my husband’s death is to spend this miserable holiday all alone. When my best friend surprises me with a trip to London, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m happy that I’ll be getting exactly what I had wished for… Until I run into the sexy pianist who has captured my attention from the first note I hear him play.
 Getting to know him brings a smile to my face & a joy within my heart that I haven’t felt in so long.
 But something about him is so familiar… something I can’t quite put my finger on until it blows up in my face.

 When your heart has been shattered (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Ruger had his club and his brothers, and that's all he needed... until the night Krissi walked into his bar. Something about her called to him. He knew it was a mistake, but he let her walk away. She haunted him. No other woman could would kill that craving. Krissi ran from her father and the life he chose. She should avoid the bar and the bikers inside, but Drifters pulled at her, and the tattooed and mysterious bartender could become an addiction if she wasn't careful.When the Demented Souls business affects Krissi, her past and her family comes out. Now Ruger has to decide if he can trust her, not only with his secret but with his life.

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Ruby Hatcher escaped human traffickers, and she has her life back, but a nagging voice at the back of her mind keeps telling her the world would be a better place without her in it. When a home invasion throws her together with Detective Judah Willow, she learns that she's not as alone as she thought. Judah wants to ask Ruby out, but he knows about her traumatic past and won't push her into doing something she isn't ready for. But when Ruby gets mixed up in his latest case, he is determined not only to keep her safe but also to prove to her that not all men treat women like property. Earning her trust and her heart will push him to confront his own turbulent past, but if it helps Ruby, it's worth it.