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This bossy rancher is about to be brought to his knees by an innocent beauty. Alexandra Cooper is desperate to get away from home. A four-month gig as a cook at the Circle B Ranch is exactly what she needs. Except when she gets there, it feels like she jumped out of the pan and straight into the fire. Alexandra is nothing like Colton Booth expected when he hired her. If he’d realized “Alex” was a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl, he never would have given her the job in the first place. But now that he has her on his ranch, he doesn’t plan to ever let Alexandra go.

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No one grounds a barbarian warrior. Qulpa, a Chamele warrior, lost everyone he loved in the brutal Succession Wars. Flying is the only thing that brings him joy. Serving as his team’s pilot is the sole duty he has left. Then a horrific crash leaves him injured and unable to fly. The one being who can help him is also his gerel, the female destined to be his. She insists she doesn’t feel their connection. Qulpa is certain his beautiful mate is lying and nothing will stop him from finding out why. Nayan knows the injured barbarian is her warrior, her one chance at a forever bond. His dominance makes her feel safe. His gentle touch inflames her passion. His kisses scorch her very soul. The tall muscular male tempts her as no (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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BDSM is about freedom. The act of giving and receiving power and authority, and then using it for sexual connection is intoxicating. If these six stories can't convince you of that, nothing will. These stories include people discovering their kinky natures while on vacation, in the midst of dark and intimate rituals, or even in Victorian England. Author Note: I can't wait for you to enter into my imagination and find out what turns me on and makes me tick. These eight stories were previously only available as singles and can now be had in one great bundle!

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You spend all your life dreaming of that one true love and then you find it and you can’t have it. How fair is that? 38-year-old billionaire Xavier Ballantine, ‘X’ for his friends, has dedicated his entire existence to duty: duty to his family’s business, to his dear ones, to an ex-wife he married just to do the right thing and then to his two beloved motherless twin daughters, his sole responsibility since their birth and also his only joy in a dull life that used to have no space for smiles. And then there she was and suddenly he wanted things. Wanted her. Soft and beautiful inside and out, the light to eclipse all others, his one true love, she was his from the first moment he spotted her over a year ago, but they don’t belong together. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Mr. Daniel Hallsworth lost his title and was driven out of England by claims of his illegitimacy. Now he’s returned to reclaim his title and his family’s reputation, which requires marrying a virtuous lady. He has his sights set on the woman he once loved. If only the lady would graciously accept his proposal. Lady Emme Radcliffe made a mistake that could destroy her family. To hide it, she’s withdrawn from society and dedicated herself to spinsterhood. Now the man she’s loved for ages has returned with an offer of marriage, but accepting it could expose her secret, and she can't afford to take that risk. If only the gentleman would kindly stop tempting her. With their own match an impossibility, Daniel needs Emme’s assistance (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Can a lost soul be saved with a kiss? Jamie ran. Her lone goal was to get as far from the pain in her past as possible. Struggling as a single mom was an improvement above being trapped in a life she loathed. But now, family obligations are calling her back to her hometown where she will have no choice but to face painful truths she can’t escape. Eric stayed. Abandoning his hopes and dreams for the future, he stood by his brother’s side to help him through a debilitating illness anyway he could. Knowing every day they had together was a gift, Eric made the most of every moment and held out hope for a miracle. Thrown together by fate, Jamie and Eric indulge in their undeniable chemistry as a welcome reprieve from their (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Theo McCabe’s teenage years were consumed by his fascination with music and Cassie Clarke. After a fight cost him both, he was forced to move out of state, leaving Cassie clueless to the truth. Now he’s back in Savannah, recording his first album. Six years hasn’t diminished his need for her, but with a deadline looming, he only has one shot to make things right. Cassie doesn’t believe in fairy tales or the myth surrounding her new antique hair comb. Legend says the owner will find its soul’s counterpart, but Cassie isn’t ready to fall in love. She’s eager to debunk the myth until she and Theo reconnect. Toned, tatted, and tenacious, he’s making it difficult to focus on her job or the fact that he’s her client. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Second chances come in threes with my brother's best friends. This was supposed to be a solo healing trip. The plan: return to the mountains, find my way again after we lost my brother. Then move on. I had everything planned out down to how many bottles of wine it would take. What I never expected was for three irresistible alphas to bust through my door dragging the past in with them. My brother's three best friends are home on leave, and they have ideas on how they want to spend their furlough and their obsessive attentions are solely on me. Did I picture myself with them when I barely knew what love was? Hell, yes! What's so bad about falling for three Marines with talented, dirty mouths and hard bodies? (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Stealing hearts isn’t as easy as stealing bases. Tomboy Casey Beeler is used to being a loner. But one viral video gives her more than she bargains for, including a chance to start the softball team she’s always wanted. In love and sports, timing is everything. If Casey doesn’t do what it takes to get her softball team off the ground now, she may not get another chance. The only problem... it could cost her the one thing she loves more than sports—Lucas Hargrove. Lucas Hargrove seems to have it all, money, looks, baseball, Harvard. But looks can be deceiving. The pressure of living up to his perfect image is getting to him. He doesn’t even know if he wants to go to Harvard. The only thing he does know is that he can’t fight (Read the full blurb on Amazon)