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Lady Emily Smithton has returned to society with the sole objective of enjoying herself. Having completed her mourning for her late husband, she has no intention of finding herself a new husband nor even allowing herself to be courted by a gentleman. But when an old beau reappears in the form of one Lord Havisham, Emily begins to wonder whether her heart can remain as resolute as she had hoped! Emily discovers that she has something of a follower in young Miss Bavidge, who longs to have the same confidence, gentility, and determination as she. Near to being regarded as a spinster, Miss Bavidge begs for Emily’s help (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


In a universe where ladies rule supreme... Known as the daring “Black Duchess” of the Queen’s Light Dragoons, Lady Violet Blackmyre never thought she’d die a slow, miserable death. Only days after accepting promotion to Field Marshal of the Britannian Army, she’s been diagnosed with a particularly nasty strain of consumption. So nasty that she’ll be dead in a matter of weeks. Suspicious that this illness might be lady-made, Violet tells no one of her impending demise. Not even her lover, the saucy young stable hand, Cole. In fact, she decides to free him, both from her collar and her whip. You see, Dear Reader, Her Grace doesn’t only (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


Power always comes with a price, and sun witch Samara Haylan knows the cost. Destined to become the strongest witch in her academy, Samara's powers are increasing. Like all supernaturals, she’s forbidden from practicing old magic or dating humans, two things she can’t resist. Aside from her shifter and mage boyfriends, she finds herself falling for a human. A love that she refuses to give up, no matter what the cost. As if sneaking around with a human isn’t dangerous enough, she delves into old magic to aid in the search for her missing friends. The council is furious and they’re pointing fingers in Samara’s direction. Now, she must not only (Read the full blurb on Amazon)