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I'm not your typical girl next door. I'm royalty. A princess to a diamond empire and untouchable to many. My father made sure of that fact. But not before the eldest Savage brother could ruin me for all other men. That was five years ago. Before the brutal death of my mother tore me a world away. And from the mountain man I loved. But I never forgot those sexy, wild whiskey eyes or the way his strong arms and soft kisses made me sigh. Now that my father is gone, I'm in line to ascend the family throne and fortune. Before that can happen there's a family secret my father wants me to uncover as his final wish. Only it's the dead of winter and he never told me the path I needed to travel would lead me straight into (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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A search and rescue cop training to become a K-9 handler, a lovely dispatcher who always has his back, and an earthquake that threatens to tear them apart… Officer Ted Hendricks has been biding his time, locating missing skiers and hikers for three years in Colorado, while waiting for a chance to become a K-9 handler. When a spot opens up at the Disaster City Search and Rescue facility in Texas, he jumps at the chance to go, even though it means leaving his girlfriend behind. Dispatcher Deanna Harper had one strict rule — never date a cop. That all changed when she got to know Ted Hendricks. He was the only single officer in the department who didn’t hit on her, which made him all the more appealing. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Three full-length romantic comedies about sassy women and the men that win their hearts. 10 Dates: When Joanie's flaky fiancé puts their wedding on the back burner, her friends take matters into their own hands. Ten blind dates in as many days seems like an outrageous idea — but is it just zany enough to help Joanie find true love? 10 Dares: When Melinda's stress starts to get the better of her, her friends come up with an idea to put the fun back into friendship — but will ten dares help her loosen up and find love, or might they just send her over the edge? 10 Lies: When Katie wins a luxury holiday, she figures a little R & R time is just what she needs. Enter Jackson Quinn, the hot doctor who she'll probably never (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Widowed Torie Bond reports a man's body near her home. Fraud on the dead man's ranch leads to an archeologist's murder and a break-in at Torie's costume shop. Divorced Police Lieutenant Jack Brewer investigates. A surprising strong attraction between them results. Curious about the case, Torie helps a friend of the murdered archeologist investigate. Jack is angry with her for the chances she takes. The mystery nearly takes Torie's life, but it brings them new love even though they thought they'd never love again. But work conflicts mean they sometimes must give each other rainchecks for time together. Then Torie is kidnapped by the murderer. How can Jack save her when the murderer wants her dead and Jack doesn't know where she is?


What's more embarrassing than accidentally telling a stranger all about your love life? Finding out he's your new boss! Ian Callahan is the most gorgeous man I've ever laid eyes on, but he knows far too much about my past. My roommates tell me not to worry, that Ian will be discreet and professional. Except once my new job begins, he isn't either of those things. Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mega-Hot teases me about my mistake every time we're alone. Before long, the teasing turns into tantalizing games. He challenges me and pushes my buttons in a way no man has ever done before. He's older, more experienced, and he knows just how to take charge and make me squirm. As Ian takes our games to the next scorching (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Ever had a secret you couldn't tell? We have… Devour twenty tantalizing contemporary romance stories that will leave your sheets hot and your reading devices smoldering. Inside you'll find sexy, sweet, and deliciously hot stories brimming with sinful secrets. You'll stay up all night getting seduced by possessive, dirty alphas who will leave you begging for more, sassy heroines willing to make them work for it, and sweet connections that will have you grinning from ear to ear. From steamy office romance, friends-to- lovers, second-chance, and more, we bring multiple levels of heat and all the spicy tropes to provide you hours of sexy fun. So tell me ... which of these books will become your next sinfully secret obsession?