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When the daylight fades and time stands still. The feeling of flying from just one touch. Moving slowly, kissing softly. The flash of fever, becoming lost in the flames. Surrendering. Going under. These are the moments that leave us breathless. The Ivy symbolizes dependence, endurance, and faithfulness. This collection will feature brand new stand-alone books from KL Donn, Evan Grace, Ashley Lane, C.M. Lally, Michelle Windsor, Sophia Henry, K.L. Humphreys, and Natalie Hill. The Ivy Collection can all be read as stand-alone books, guaranteed to give you a happily ever after and leave you breathless! What will it take to tempt you?

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The vampires of Shayde want more than just my blood… The first night, I was bitten. The second night, I was hunted. The third night—the night I was marked for death—I attracted the attention of four dangerous, enigmatic vampires. Ragnar, Saber, Zeke, and Nero. The prince, the soldier, the hacker, and the wildcard. To earn my freedom, I just need to survive one more night. I need to make it through the ultimate trial. The tournament of warriors. The Night of the Shayde. But the vampires want me for their own. ...And everyone knows that whatever vampires want, vampires get.

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Liana is going to go black. And her loving husband will support her decision. Dawn is going to work off her husband's mob debts, while he watches. Nerdy Sam Clayton is taking his gorgeous wife Maria to his High School reunion to show all those jocks and bullies what a big shot he's become, but he'll leave a humiliated cuckold. There are 21 total stories in this bundle of cuckolding erotica. Raven Merlot is a long-time cuckoldress who loves bringing her experiences to life for her readers. She's lived the life and understands the complicated feelings that arise from wives, cuckold husbands, and even the bulls (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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Lady Beatrice Thornton is surrounded by gossip. Her drunken father has made it known that there is some question over the legitimacy of her birth and now she can barely lift her head in society. Desperate for aid, she is more than grateful for the assistance of Lady Smithton, who promises that she will help her find a husband. Whilst seeking solace in a bookshop one afternoon, Beatrice is astonished to discover a mysterious note slipped in between the pages of a book. Knowing she should not keep it, she cannot help but take it home, hoping that it will take her mind from her difficult circumstances. Frederick, Earl of Greaves, is a stickler for (Read the full blurb on Amazon)


A stern viscount who knows what he wants and takes it – even if it means defying his father’s wishes. When Quinn falls in love with a young woman from Houston, his father objects strongly to the match. After Quinn's brought her home to Scotland, Mandy quickly becomes friends with his mischievous sister, Maisie, and discovers an Old World viscount who believes in discipline. This collection contains three full-length steamy contemporary romances

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Reese is a cutthroat businesswoman.... An overbearing and a cantankerous mess! She's snarly, blunt, moody, and totally in my face...and I'm ticked off that it turns me on! I moved to Sausalito to escape the memories of Lyla. I have reasons for living my life the way I do. I enjoy the simple things in life; A job well done, a glass of whiskey, and the occasional piping-hot night tangled in the sheets with no strings attached. I don't need a beautiful strawberry-blonde princess sticking her nose in my business and pushing every one of my buttons.I try to run her off, but she fights dirty. She has to leave, it will never work. Too bad I want her to stay. 

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Miss Antonia Lowry’s beauty and wit have gained her access to England’s highest social echelons. Each trinket she pockets from London’s haut ton brings her one step closer to freedom—or the hangman’s noose. As suspicion mounts, London’s best jewel thief decides it’s time to bid adieu to her false identity…but she may have overstayed her welcome. The Duke of Havencrest requires Miss Lowry’s assistance to regain possession of the famous Heart’s Cry necklace. He is not above using blackmail is what it takes to force the thief’s hand. Yet the prickly woman draws him almost as much as her talent for relieving ladies of their valuables. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)