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He has trouble written all over him. From his dark brown eyes and cocky smile to the leather jacket and ripped jeans, I know exactly what kind of guy he is. The tempting bad boy comes out of nowhere and makes me question everything... and everyone. He marks people's skin for a living, but what he doesn't know is he's already tattooed his way onto my heart. I don't need ink for a permanent reminder of him, but I'd do almost anything for his touch.

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Riley Strickland didn’t know much about the dragons rising out of the Louisiana Bayou. Very few people knew. She only found out when her jet fighter team got scrambled to shoot those fire-breathing lizards down before they laid waste to New Orleans. The mission doesn’t go according to the plan though, and it’s Riley who gets shot down over mysterious swamps infested with creatures she could never dream of. Victor Griffin, the gorgeous alpha dragon, only cared for his own, keeping all the opposing factions of his world in check. The last thing he needed was an outsider with an attitude who won’t listen to reason. He made a (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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After burying her father, known for being a charlatan in their small town, Anna Campbell finds herself penniless, homeless, and alone. Her father’s death – and life – have left her lonely, longing for a home and a true family, but these dreams feel hopeless. With nowhere else to go and simply trying to survive, she sets off for Winchester with the hope of finding work, and eventually her long-lost aunt. On her way, she is injured by a speeding phaeton and falls into a ditch. The handsome, kindly Lord Edward Westerham finds her and takes her to the home of Lady Tremaine, his great aunt. Anna floats in and out of consciousness, but (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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As a dance teacher, Cassie Mitchell lives her dream every day. Grant Weber’s dream was shattered the day he lost his wife. When Grant and his daughter move to Maple Glen, Cassie is all too excited about the possibility of a new student in her class. What she didn’t count on was her instant attraction to the charming widower. Cassie didn’t expect Grant and his beautiful daughter, Alex, to fit so well into her life and they didn’t plan on welcoming someone new into theirs. As Cassie and Grant grow closer, challenging and pushing each other in every way, it turns out the lessons they’ll be learning won’t only be for dance, but for the heart.


For years, Snow has watched her stepmother become more and more deluded. Now that she's been left alone with the nasty Mrs. White, she's made the choice to put up with the woman... right up until her stepmother's new hobby pushes her too far. Coven Cosmetic's Skin As White As Snow lotion might appeal to other women, but Snow knows it for what it is: her stepmother's attempt to change Snow, to make her admit her skin color is what defines her. Asthmatic Reverend Hunter Woods has arrived in Everland just in time for the holiday, but didn't expect to meet two little old ladies claiming to be godmothers. He certainly didn't (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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One wish. One beautiful Christmas. Can love come swiftly, flying down the mountain path and knocking you off your feet - literally? Frustrated with her friends and parents, she decides to spend the Christmas holidays alone. When she is invited by a group of people to join in a game called the wishing circle, the first thing that popped into her head was what she wished for. Little did she know that her wish was about to come true.